How to soften the relationship between dad and daughter?

Anton, hello! A teenage daughter, her husband has a most complex and quick-tempered character. And even vindictive. Although he is a bright person and generally generous. Both are Scorpios, I am Cancer)) I hardly took her birth, but then I got close to my daughter as she grew older. However, she now practically “flies” in from her father almost for nothing, he punishes her and deprives of good things - for example, a graphic editor, where she creates her art. At such moments it is very uncomfortable at home. A daughter is very difficult to build their attitude towards him. She tries to be a philosopher and, with tears, but courageously endures his attacks. Sometimes it seems to me that she can do something bad to herself. I am between them - like a conductor)) I try to explain to my daughter that this is just a bright complex character, and I need to learn not to pay attention to my father's "cockroaches", but at the same time appreciate his good qualities. Recently, my husband admitted to me that he did not love her. Although his actions point to taking care of her.Accept us with my daughter is like some trials of life? How to handle their conflicts? And how should I treat my husband when he yells at his daughter for not having washed the cup, allowed him to leave the kitchen for a moment to answer the phone (this is an example). I am very grateful for your attention and response! :-)


The relationship of the daughter and husband do not concern anyone except the two of them.

This is your pride deceiving you, whispering to you that you can do something. Dont listen her...

Relationships are built only between two people. When you accuse your husband of not behaving correctly, you interrupt the flow of love between them and anger arises.

Build your relationship with your husband, and your daughter will learn from you to love a man and a father.

Build your relationship with your daughter, and she will learn to love you and herself.

You found yourself in a "love triangle" - realize it!

Your husband has sorely missed your love since the birth of her daughter ...

Any criticism of the father closes the opportunity to love the child. Thus, the heart of a child is broken into two halves ... She loves you equally strongly.

Remember that you are for your husband.

The first step is to open this opportunity for the love of the daughter to the father.

Tell her the words:

- I love your father in you, and I want you to be the same as him.

You can't control other people. Accept it, and do not demand anything from them, just love. Certainly ... how can only you!


And you did not try to organize their joint leisure, that they would spend time together, that they would somehow understand that they have a lot in common. Soon the New Year holidays, a great opportunity. Stock up on tickets for different performances, New Year's performances, the program is very extensive. Let them go together for at least one, maybe it will be adjusted against the background of a positive mood.

Oh, oh, how it does not love? It is terrible to imagine even: (

There was a similar problem. All tried. As a result, we went to a consultation with Vadim Vasilenko, and received a lot of useful advice.

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