How was Harry Potter filmed?

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How was Harry Potter filmed?

For a small, modest sum of £ 1,000,000 in 1999, JK Rowling sold the rights to make films on the first 4 books of the adventures of Harry Potter. At that time, 1,000,000 pounds is a little more than $ 1.5 million. But the price is not as important as the condition of the contract that the writer will receive a certain part of the fees of each of the films. In addition, she had the right to control all stages of the production of paintings. An indispensable condition for the writer was that in future films all actors must be only British. Only in the 4th film, foreign actors appeared, as the content of the book required. You can find some detailed information here - “Where did they shoot Harry Potter?”.

Director of the picture

Steven Spielberg - the first contender for the director. But after several months of negotiations, he refused. Neither the author of the book nor the film studio supported his filming suggestions. Then many people labeled for the director’s place, but the choice was on Chris Columbus.Columbus' positive response was influenced by his daughter - a fan of the works of J. K. Rowling. Suzy Figgis was in charge of the casting.

How to shoot Harry Potter: the process of filming

To shoot a picture of the adventures of Harry Potter began in 2000, October 2. The first shooting took place in the pavilions of Leavesden Studios, which is located in London at a distance of about 50 km from the city. Many scenes that took place in Hogwarts and near it, were filmed on the territory of the cathedral of the city of Durham and Gloucester.

How to shoot Harry Potter, video on the network will help you understand this. Scenes taking place in the library and hospital were filmed in two very old premises of Oxford University: the Duke Humfrey Library and Oxford Divinity School. And the London office of the Australian Mission was used as a bank of wizards at Gringotts. The film was also visited by the London Zoo and Kings Cross Station. July 2001 was the finish of the shooting process.

According to Columbus, special moving engineered mechanical models must necessarily take part in the film to create magical creatures in the film. Used for this purpose, computer graphics and animatronics.

Computer special effects became the basis for creating the dragon Norbert and the cave troll. The scene in the toilet with the cave troll took place with the addition of computer special effects: with the help of computer graphics added the image of Daniel Radcliffe, hanging around the neck of a terrible troll.

976.5 million dollars - the same amount made up the final charges of the film worldwide. Now you know how the Harry Potter movie was made.

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