How was the "Closed School" filmed?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
May 8, 2015
How was the "Closed School" filmed?

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How was the "Closed School" filmed?

The series "Closed School" is filled with mysticism and has an exciting plot. The process of filming this movie was no less exciting. We offer to learn how to shoot "Closed School."

Here are just some interesting details from the set.

Interesting facts about the filming of the series

  • The closet in the room of Ivan Savelyevich, which serves as a secret passage to the school’s attic, was custom-made and had such a weight that it was possible to carry it into the room by eight people.
  • For the interior were used real antiques. For example, the Savelich bed is made of natural wood and has been completely renovated especially for filming.
  • The library, which the viewer sees in the series, is recreated from photographs of libraries of the XIX century. Even the curtains and curtains were made in the spirit of that era.
  • The web in the attic of the school was created with the help of special cartridges.
  • Nadia Avdeeva's favorite doll is a handmade collection doll made of porcelain.
  • In the hallway of the school hanging chandelier, worth $ 27,000.
  • Almost all school notebooks in which students write during classes are with real entries and belong to the members of the film crew.
  • In the school’s kitchen, a stove is installed, and the effect of cooking food is achieved by heating on the hotplate. In the frame, the viewer saw steam rising from the pan and did not guess anything.
  • The water flowed from the tap is real, but it had to be carried in buckets, which the assistants were incredibly "pleased" with.

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