How to sew a sheet on an elastic band: a master class with photos

How to sew a sheet on an elastic band: a master class with photosEveryone knows how annoying crumpled bed linen. You just make the bed neatly, and by morning everything is upside down. Especially if it's a crib. But there is a way out - a sheet on an elastic band. Sew it easy. The most difficult thing in this matter is to correctly calculate the amount of matter. If you have successfully coped with this, the process itself will not take you much time. See our step by step photos and videos, and everything will become clear to you.
Ordinary sheets have long been irrelevant. It's time for comfortable bed linen, which holds well the volume, does not slip and does not deform. So, we make the necessary measurements, build a pattern and sew a stretch sheet.

How to make measurements?

First, make sure you have enough fabric. The easiest way to make measurements on the example of a mattress with a size of 180x200 cm and a height of 20. To the width and length, add 40 cm from each border and 30 to the folds. The result is: width - 250, length - 270.We decided on the calculations, then proceed directly to sewing. We start with the simplest - a small children's sheet.

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