How to sew a hat with earflaps?

Cap with earflaps today is considered one of the most popular hats, both among men and among women. In addition, children of different ages like to wear such a hat. In such a hat is always cozy, warm, which saves in the most severe frosts. Since this headdress has become increasingly popular, we decided to tell you how to sew a hat with earflaps, for example, from fur (natural or synthetic, there is no difference here).

First you need to decide what will be the difference between the model of women's hats with earflaps and men. The female version will be different shorter headphone caps and the back, that is, the nazatylnika. In men, the headphones on the cap will be more, so that they could tie them on top of the cap.

Note that this headdress is so versatile that it does not matter what material you choose to sew. We will consider tailoring hats with earflaps on the basis of fur, since it is this material that is considered classic for sewing hats with earflaps.

In order for you to properly understand the pattern of hats with earflaps, we will give you where all its component parts will be described in detail.On the next we will show the pattern of hats with earflaps of 56-57 size. This hat will be considered a female version. In the photo, one cell will correspond to two centimeters.

Technology sewing caps at home

First of all, you should be cheered up a bit by the fact that this task is NOT impracticable for you. If you perform all the steps consistently and do not put off sewing the caps to the side, then you will be able to sew the cap in a few hours. Here are some tips that greatly facilitate the process of creating patterns and tailoring the cap.

  • First of all, when cutting out the parts, it is necessary to follow the direction of the pile, since all components of the earflaps should be of the same shade.
  • For the pattern of the cap, you first need: paper for the pattern, lining on the similarity of batting in the okol, in the visor you will need to insert a more dense lining with non-woven fabric, while the lining and fur should be connected with small hand stitches.

Pattern for hats with earflaps

  1. So that the scheme of the hat with earflaps is correct, you first need to measure the girth of the head and draw on the pattern paper a circle with a radius that is a quarter smaller than the measured head radius. Next, you will need to bend the circle in half and cut it along the fold line.After that, retreat 1 cm around the circumference and round off the cut line. Make accordingly two symmetrical undercuts 2 cm wide and 4 cm deep from above.
  2. Next, you will need to draw a rectangle with sides of 12 and 18 cm, while one of the short sides should be cut around the circumference. This element will match the ears of the caps.
  3. Next, subtract the width of the ears (24 cm) from the measured volume of the head and divide the value that remained in half. Draw a rectangle of the obtained length, while its height should correspond to 10 cm. There should be two such rectangles, while the first will correspond to the back of the cap, and the second rectangle to the visor, which will need to be cut in the upper corners around the circumference.

Sewing process

  1. Select threads for sewing. You need to choose a tight, in tone, ranging from 20 to 50 number. The thickness will depend on the thickness of the fur.
  2. After selecting the threads you need to stitch all the darts, which are placed on the halves of the cap;
  3. Next, you need to connect both halves of the cap, so that all the undercuts coincide with each other;
  4. After that, you will need to connect headphones with a headgear;
  5. Visor connects with headphones;
  6. Make a subface around the cap, which will sew with the upper edges;
  7. During this process, you should not forget about landing on rounded details;
  8. When sewing the headphones, you will also need to insert a string for the strings;
  9. Next, we advise you to connect with a cap a front face around;
  10. After that, it will be possible to sew a band to the bottom edge of the front near the cap, the width of which should reach 1.5 cm. You need to sew the band with furrier stitches.

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