How to set up a Winamp radio

If you do not have the program itself, as well as the playlist, download and install them. As a path to save files, you can choose, for example, the folder "Shared Documents". Open the Winamp playlist, then click on it in the menu called Manage Playlist and select the Open playlist box. Please note that the described menu is located at the bottom of the window, in its right corner.
Then in the dialog box that appears, find the file that you saved earlier. Click on it and click the "Open" button. After performing this action, available radio stations will appear in the player list. To listen you can choose any of them.
To add another item to the list, open a browser and go to the website of the desired radio station. Find the link to listen to, and then select its text. Then copy it by pressing the key combination Ctrl + C or by right-clicking on it and selecting the "Copy" column.
Return to Winamp and go to the Add menu. After that, select the item called Add URL.You will see a window in which you need to paste the copied link. Click on the Open button.

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