How to set up a microphone in Skype?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
March 26, 2012
How to set up a microphone in Skype?

Skype is a great modern program for those who want to communicate with their relatives, friends, business partners for free. It is quite easy to install. But sometimes there are still problems that interfere with communication or make it impossible at all. Let's try to describe how to deal with them.

How to set up a microphone in Skype so that your interlocutor can hear you? If you experience problems with the sound of the microphone, the first thing you need to pay attention to is whether the microphone is correctly configured in your operating system, including its volume. You can check it on the bottom panel of the screen in the right corner in the "sound" tab. Also check the microphone volume set in the Skype program itself. Check and adjust your speakers. The microphone itself can also be turned off physically - press the “switch” on the headphones or cord, there too there is a volume control. In order to check whether you have connected the microphone correctly, use this instruction:.

In Skype itself, to set up the microphone sound, go to the "Tools" tab. There you select the item "settings". In the "settings" find the item "sound settings". In it, select "microphone setup". In your Skype contacts there is a contact called “Sound Test Server”. It is designed to test the quality of communication.

Problems can arise when you have chosen a great device from the one you want to use as a microphone. You can also select the correct device in the "sound settings" section.

If problems arise during a conversation with a real contact, then you need to click the button "data about communication quality" and again check the settings. Perhaps there are problems in connection speed with you or your interlocutor. Slow connection is not enough for good communication. In this case, you or the other party will need to contact your provider and change the tariff for connecting to the Internet or inform him of any problems.

You also need to make sure that you and your interlocutor are using the latest version of the program, otherwise you should install it.

The radical way is to completely remove the entire program and reinstall it.

More information can be obtained on the Skype help portal:

Also you can always contact Skype support service at:.

So, you received instructions on how to set up a microphone in Skype! We wish you a pleasant communication.

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