How to save on the foundation

If according to all the rules to fill the foundation, you have to spend well. After all, its value from other individual elements of the house in percentage is approximately 11%. As much as possible to reduce the cost of the foundation is possible, but you have to work for it.
Exclude expensive materials. To save on expensive components of the foundation: sand and cement, you need to fill the space with something more affordable. Any scrap metal of the required form will fit - thick wire, rods, channel bars, squares.
Also needed rubble, which can be replaced with ordinary construction waste. For this, substandard bricks of all shapes, types and sizes, rubble stone will be needed.
It is advisable to take high-quality cement, especially considering the specifics of pouring the foundation, as well as the quality of other materials. Sand or gravel should also have good properties.
If you are building a capital building, do not save on the depth of the trench that will go under the foundation. Otherwise, it may threaten with its draft, and cracks will appear in the walls of the house.
You can save on formwork. It is not necessary to take planed boards for them. Off-board boards can be used, putting old sheets of hardboard or cardboard from the inside of the formwork. You can nail the boards overlapping, not cutting off the excess.
If you decide to take conditional boards that are suitable for subsequent use, try to nail them carefully. After the foundation has hardened, it will be possible to remove them, and then use them for their intended purpose again.

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