How to return the money transferred

Regardless of the status of the sender, whether it is a legal entity or an individual, try to start correcting the mistake made as soon as possible, not postponing the case. While the traces of these funds will not be confused, andmoneywill not yet be withdrawn from the recipient's account.
First, find the error in the details of your payment. Since further actions will depend precisely on the identification of the account holder to which funds were transferred. Now in order. First of all, check the digits of the current account number, since it is here that errors often occur. If the problem is in the account, you can be sure that the bank will not miss such a payment and will return to youmoney. That is, it is an option when all the details were correctly filled out, except for the current account. In case of such violation, the bank at one of the stages of verification of payment will determine this account as not existing.
The following common variant of erroneous enumeration is random.filling in completely different details, which were also stored in the program for automatic filling in all the columns. For example, another partner (service provider, goods or others). Here you need an urgent appeal to the account holder. It is pointless to contact the bank; it only transfers funds to the address you specify. Immediately call and write an official letter asking you to return the funds transferred in error. That way you can quickly get your money
For difficult cases. WhenmoneyAn unknown company was listed (match of the name, etc.) with which you are unable to establish contact or you were denied a refund, you need to urgently prepare a lawsuit in court. Claim to the payee will be in unjust enrichment. In this case, do not forget to make a separate request for the arrest of the account. This will be an interim measure to guarantee the delay of your funds in the specified account.

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