How to restore the battery

The battery of any phone sooner or later loses its original performance and wears out. And if the outdated phone models are capable of holding a charge for a long time, then modern smartphones are by default capable of more and support many functions and applications that “land” the battery pretty quickly. Is it possible to prevent rapid deterioration of the battery and extend the period of its use?

How to check the phone battery

It is not necessary to be a professional to determine that the phone battery has gone bad. Most problems can be easily identified with the naked eye, especially lithium batteries (the most common type).

How to restore the battery

One way to check the performance of a mobile phone battery is to visually inspect the part. Turn off the device, remove the battery and check if it is not swollen, if there are any signs of corrosion around metal contact elements (whitish or green spots from metal oxidation).If you find even the slightest sign of a physical malfunction, you should immediately contact the manufacturer for replacement (if the warranty period has not expired) or purchase a new battery. Do not, under any circumstances, put such a damaged battery back into your phone, hoping that it will last a little longer - electrolyte may spill inside the device and permanently damage it. Put the battery in a plastic bag, send it to the manufacturer or take it for recycling.

Lithium batteries inevitably degrade, and the incorrect use of the device only speeds up this process (sudden changes in temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.). The most effective way to “land” the battery once and for all is to completely discharge it and leave it in this state for several days. The body will gradually and imperceptibly to the eye swell and deform until it becomes apparent. But there is one way to prevent a breakdown - put the battery on a flat, smooth surface and twist as if launching a spout. If it is easy and fast to scroll, then the body has already begun to deteriorate.

How to restore the battery

Restore phone battery

If the battery is quickly discharged, but there is no visible damage, it can be “reanimated” by several unusual methods. In this article we will consider only the simplest of the many ways that you can use at home without special skills and tools.

How to restore the battery:

  1. Place the battery in a plastic bag and place it in a freezer for a while. Low temperatures will help to restore the fuse, the failure of which leads to a rapid consumption of charge.
  2. Reduce the battery voltage of the mobile to 1 Volt.
  3. Allow the battery to fully discharge so that the phone turns itself off, and then charge up to 100%. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times.
  4. "Resurrect" the battery helps not only cold, but also high temperature. It is necessary to give the battery to completely discharge and put it on a hot battery, lay a cotton scarf. Leave to warm for at least 3 hours (best of all - for the whole night), put on charge, not including the phone, for 24 hours, then use it as usual.

How to restore the battery

If none of the above methods has helped, you should contact a specialist for assistance or purchase a new battery. In any case, you should not open the battery, knock it on a hard surface or bite it with your teeth - a popular popular way to “revive” a regular battery in this case will not work and can cause harm to health and permanently spoil the part.

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