How to replace the low beam lamp on the Chevrolet Lanos

Replacing the lamp in any other car is a relatively simple operation: we raise the hood, remove the lamp from the socket, replace it with a serviceable one, and close the hood. HTo replace the lamps in the Chevrolet Lanos headlight, you need to remove its body with the contents from the car body. You can try to replace without removing the headlight unit, but then there is the likelihood of damage to the parts of the unit, which would entail either repairing the case or replacing it.

To remove the headlight body from its location, you will need a key for 10, which unscrew the two bolts and the nut. For this work, the end wrench is best suited. The bolts are easy to find, they are immediately visible and they attach the headlight unit to the top of the rail above it. It is more difficult to find the nut, since it is located between the headlight body and the radiator and the wires in the wiring harness close it from the car owner.

After having unscrewed the bolts and the nut, we pull out the headlight unit from the attachment point. To do this, raise the body to the top and remove it from the slot in the direction of the wing of the car.Carefully remove the pin to which the headlight assembly was attached to the nut and remove the block body fifteen centimeters to disconnect the wires.

Consider the example of the right headlight (if you look at the direction of the car). The wires are connected in two places in the housing: in the middle and from the near edge of the radiator of the car. Carefully disconnect the middle unit, and the last one, which supplies electricity to the cornering lamp, you can not disconnect, and remove the block contacts with the lamp. To do this, turn the gray cartridge with the lamp counterclockwise forty-five degrees. To remove the central block of contacts, you need to press the lock in the upper part of the block and carefully remove it.

After disconnecting the wires, we place the headlight housing on a workbench or table for more convenient work with it, optical elements from ourselves. We see on the left a connector for the cornering lamp, then a round cover for the high beam compartment, followed by a block of contacts, and on the right is the cover for the low beam and the lamp compartment.

Carefully remove the cover of the dipped-beam section and see the block of the dipped-beam lamp, and to the right the mount of the side light bulb.Then we replace the faulty low beam lamp.

But when installing, be careful, since the lamp can be installed in two positions according to the particular design of the headlamp unit, but you need to install it in the correct position. If installed incorrectly, the low beam of the car will dazzle the drivers of oncoming traffic, creating emergency situations. Therefore, when installing, make sure that the low beam lamp is installed in the lens with the projection upwards.It is necessary to assemble the headlamp in the reverse order of disassembly. The assembled block of headlights should not be fixed immediately, but it is better to first check the installation and operation of all the lamps in the right mode.

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