How to repel energy vampire?

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Svetik Filatova
Svetik Filatova
Answered on December 12, 2014 11:16
Sometimes the truth is that you find yourself with an energy vampire. Here at work, for example, I was sitting very close to a woman; she was not aggressive or angry, and felt how the forces were leaving me .. She left work and was full of energy. But I just went into the office - a wave immediately set in ... And then she was transferred to another department and immediately healed more easily, my new acquaintance, that it was not an energy vampire who took her place and it was pleasant to work with her. During these few months that I spent with Elena, I learned how to repel the energy of a vampire in several ways: The mental barrier is a very helpful thing! It works with everything - = material thoughts Do not think about it! One of my friends also blamed her colleague on energy vampirism for work, but it turned out that she had a problem. If a vampire is strong, then you need to train and train, of course, to fight back Thank you
Lucy Lyutikova
Lucy Lyutikova
Answered on December 12, 2014 11:36
If you feel that a person is pulling energy out of you and you are feeling bad next to him, you should stop communicating with him in general. Try to end the conversation with him as soon as possible, quickly leave, do not look into his eyes, do not allow yourself to be touched.

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