How to remove scratches: on the car body, in the cabin, on the windshield

The body of the car as it gets used is covered with scratches, which are an unpleasant surprise. It is possible to return the former shine to the transport, having learned how to remove scratches on the car with your own hands without painting.

Developed many special tools to help fight scratches covering the elements of the car body. The article will tell you what tools, methods, tools and accessories are effective in case of damage to the body of the car, the passenger compartment and the windshield.

Special anti-scratch

  • Non-abrasive polishing. The tool is effective in combating microscopic scratches. Such polishes do not remove the paint layer, but clean the scratches and fill them with polishing agents. As a result, the body covering becomes mirror-like and smooth.
  • Polishing "Antirisk". A kind of polish is focused on removing the specks from the paint, but it has worked well in the fight against tiny scratches, which are popularly called hairy tissue.To eliminate damage to the surface of the machine, treat with soapy agent.
  • Colored wax. To eliminate the scratches of a more serious nature, one polish is indispensable. To deal with deep and large damages in garage conditions use a special wax. Only after several visits to the car wash, the procedure is repeated. Otherwise, you will often have to change cars.
  • Special paint and colorless varnish.Disguise the massive damage helps special paint paired with a transparent varnish. Apply it after drying a layer of paint. Remember, the method provides a short-term effect.
  • Step polished. Using ordinary polish, remove tiny scratches. Then treat the damaged place with a special tool. This will reduce the amount of damage to the car body. Next, resort to using abrasive polishes, and then walk on the surface of the polish.
  • Accessories. The quality of work is determined by the type of materials used. But the choice of polishing cloth plays an important role. In car shops, buy dense cotton cloth and polishing cotton.

Manual scratching is problematic.Therefore, electrical appliances are used to facilitate the process. More often than not, masters resort to using baits on a Bulgarian or a drill. This improves the quality of work and speeds up the process.

Video instruction

If finances allow, purchase an orbital polisher, which differs from the Bulgarian by the amplitude of the swing of the polishing disc. But to work with such equipment requires experience. At first, practice on some surface.

How to remove scratches in the car

Even the most accurate and careful owner of the car faces scratches in the cabin. At first, slight damage is not noticeable, but over time, the plastic becomes covered with a whitish bloom, deteriorating the appearance.

As practice shows, it is possible to eliminate damages inside the car in various ways. Special means are provided for these purposes. But there are popular ways to eliminate scratches.

Plastic restorer

The most effective means to repair damage in the salon is the plastic restorer, which is sold in the car store. The tool masks minor damage on vinyl, leather and plastic upholstery, while updating and cleaning. After penetrating the crack, the gel displaces the dirt.

  • The process of removing scratches through the restorer looks like.
  • Initially, a special composition is applied to the damaged panel.
  • As soon as the product penetrates into the cracks, it fills and dries, the plastic is ground using the napkins that come with the restorer.
  • In order to not release the repaired plastic fragment, a plasticizer is used. This gel is applied not on the treated surface, but on not damaged.
  • As soon as the tool hardens, a plastic pattern will appear on the surface. The template is applied to the treated area and lightly pressed. As a result, the texture of plastic is preserved.

Abrasive polishing

A good tool for interior renovation is polishing, which includes coloring and abrasive substances. In the store, buy polish for light, dark, nacreous or silver plastic. There are no universal polishes for plastic, otherwise it would be possible to save.

Polish masks scratches and makes the plastic shiny and smooth. Fine abrasive polishes are focused on materials that require a delicate impact.For the elimination of deep damage used pencils.


According to experienced motorists, an ordinary lighter helps to remove small scratches in the car.

Flame carefully over the damaged surface. Under the influence of fire scratches melted and tightened.

To obtain the result, it is recommended to bring the fire to the plastic for a short period of time, and after 10 minutes not to touch the treated place. After cooling of the plastic, remove the soot by means of a cotton pad.

Video example with a lighter

The procedure for repairing such damage is simple, but if you are unsure of the possibilities or you are afraid to aggravate the situation, contact knowledgeable and experienced people. This will require investment, but the result will be good.

How to remove scratches on the windshield

It is difficult to imagine a car without glasses, which to a greater extent provide comfort in the cabin and good visibility on the sides. Over time, scratches appear on the surface of glass panels caused by improper car care or other factors.

Completely repair the damage will not work, but with the right approach, they disguise themselves.

  1. Wash and dry the damaged surface. Seal the area around the damage with duct tape so as not to damage other glass fragments during operation.
  2. When removing a scratch from glass, do not sand the surface. This will reduce the size of the surface, but the transparency of the glass in this area will decrease.
  3. To correct the problem, use polishing. Apply polishing paste to the glass of the machine. For small damages, apply a paste with diamond abrasives.
  4. If there is no paste, they will help out the available tools, including toothpaste. Apply a small amount of gelatin on the scratch, and then rub it in a circular motion with a dry cloth. The duration of the process is 5 minutes. To remove toothpaste, use a damp cloth. I advise you to rub wax or wax into the damage.

Use clean tools during work. If you doubt that you can not cope with the problem yourself, contact the masters.

How to protect the car from scratches

New car looks great. Such beauty brings pleasure to the owner. And the first thought that comes to mind,how long a new car will retain its original appearance.

If the owner does not provide the four-wheeled property with proper care, it will not look good. It is enough to leave the car without attention for several years, and the entire surface is covered with scratches, cracks and damage.

The road is merciless to the paintwork of the car. The cause of damage is bushes, trees, tiny pebbles or road chemistry, which is so abundantly treated tracks in the cold season. What to say about the damage that gets paint on the sink. Station staff backslide from the generally accepted rules and use cleaners that remove dirt and spoil the paint.

In this chapter you will learn how to prevent scratches and chips on your car. The problem is relevant for all drivers, because the paint deteriorates on any car, regardless of cost.

Technology and folk methods make body protection simple. Even if you buy a car for half a million rubles, the tips will not interfere.

  • Liquid glass. After applying the chemical on the car body forms a durable and reliable coating that resembles a thin film.Advantages of the film - ease of removal without harm to the paint.
  • Polishing. A popular way to protect the car from dust and dirt. Polishing provides for the application on the body of an additional transparent layer, which will eventually wash away.
  • Reservation film. The most effective tool. Absolutely transparent and invisible. The only disadvantage of such protection is the cost. Depending on the conditions in which the machine is operated, it is recommended to renew the film once every 12-48 months. Removing the film is easy, but carefully.

The above methods do not guarantee 100% protection, since different situations occur on the road. At the same time, with proper care, they will help to extend the period during which the machine will retain its original appearance. As a result, the funds that you would have to spend on repairs, allow for the purchase of a new battery or accessory.

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Hopefully, the material that has entered your order will serve and help you with your hands without paint to solve the problems associated with scratches on the car body.

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