How to remove games from Samsung

Removegamesusing the phone menu. To do this, go to the menu where java-games, and use the file management buttons to remove standardgames. If this does not help you, go to step 2.
Removegamesusing synchronization with a personal computer. To do this, you will need a data cable, drivers, and synchronization software. You can both discover all of this in the phone package and buy it on a separate disk. Also, you can download software and drivers on the Internet.
Install the drivers and synchronization software, then connect the phone to the computer. Keep in mind that you need to install the driver before you connect the phone to the computer. Using the synchronization program, open the phone’s internal file menu and deletegames.
In case you cannot remove them, try replacinggamesfiles that have the same name, but weigh only one kilobyte.

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