How to Recreate Your Wardrobe

Want to turn heads? Want people to double-take when you walk into the room? Recreating your wardrobe can be a lot of fun. It challenges your creative side and refreshes your outlook, and you can do it without having to break the bank.


  1. Envision a new wardrobe.Look online, through fashion magazines and observe others for certain aspects. Include layered looks and accessories as well.
  2. Understand yourself.Know what colors and styles accentuate your eyes, hair, skin tone and physique. Are you comfortable in skirts or pants?
  3. Understand your lifestyle.Are you working or at home most of the time? What will be easiest to maintain? Could you save money by layering summer clothes throughout the winter?
  4. Sort your clothes.
    • Retain your favorite fabrics and styles.
    • Make new clothes from discarded garments. Simple patterns are readily available.
    • Make fabric accessories, such as a hair tie, braided belt, hat, scarf or mittens.
    • Embellish with lace, fabric ruffles, embroidery and beads.
  5. Make a list.List all possible combinations of your present and future wardrobe. Mix and match one garment with several outfits. Wearing more than one pattern is acceptable. Keep your list handy.
    • Wear a sleeveless blouse as a vest.
    • Try a vest, shrug or bolero with a plain dress.
    • Wear a camisole or tube top beneath a colorful blouse.
    • Tie your shirt into a knot anywhere along the hemline.
    • Wrap a long scarf into your hair style.
    • Wear dangling earrings and a matching necklace.
    • Add delicate lace to the sleeves and lower hemline of a top or dress.
    • Try a decorative belt to accentuate your waistline. You could also wear a belt to create an empire waist on a dress or a longer shirt or sweater.
    • Add a colorful pocket to the back of your jeans to match a new halter top.
    • Make a new purse or tote bag from sentimental fabric.
    • Add beads to the lower hemline of a top or skirt.
    • Patch your favorite jeans for a different look.
  6. Go shopping.Complete your new ideas. Try two or three garments at a time.
    • Add another long scarf and ballet flats to your wardrobe.
    • Layer two scooped necklines together.
    • Find a vest that can be worn without a blouse.
    • Add a beautiful blouse and matching sweater to your jeans.
    • Wear a sweater, with an enlarged neckline, over a halter top. Wear the enlarged neckline off your shoulder.
    • Try a long skirt with a short top.
    • Match a top and skirt, then add a contrasting vest.
    • Add a black, velvet vest to your favorite black pants.
    • Wear patterned stockings with a black dress.
    • Try a shawl in the evening.
    • Try black, navy, brown or olive rather than faded blue jeans. (Although you can't go wrong with the classic blue jean!)
    • Try Capris with a pair of boots.
    • Try a new hat and matching jacket.

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  • Sheer leggings make legs appear thicker, dark leggings make them look thinner.
  • You may mix prints if you wish, as long as one of them is a bolder, bigger print, and the other is a small print.
  • For a slimming effect, wear two shades of the same color, a v-neck, empire waist or long necklace.
  • Knee-length dresses create the illusion of longer legs, but they only suit slim legs.
  • Fabric is a great resource. Intend to recycle every piece to spur your creativity.
  • Use accessories such as sunglasses or hats.
  • Recycle fabrics into household items, such as a curtain, bureau scarf, decorative mat, pillowcase, kitchen towel, cell phone case, pencil case, pincushion, makeup bag, pot holders or quilt.

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