How to recover ICQ password?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 20, 2013
How to recover ICQ password?

Many use such a client as ICQ. But sometimes it happens that you forget or lose your password. How to restore the password of ICQ, our article will tell.

Official site

First you need to go to this link -. Turning to this site, you will see 2 fields there:

  • You must enter your ICQ number, to recover the password from which you want.
  • Enter the numbers that appear on the image (i.e., “captcha”).
  • After that, you must click the button that says "Next."

If you have entered all the details correctly, you will see a page that warns you that an email has already been sent to your email inbox. This letter will contain a link by clicking on it, you will be taken to the password recovery page. In the case when your e-mail address is not entered in the ICQ number or someone else’s is entered, then you can not wait for a letter.

Following this link, you will see a window in which you must enter:

  • In the field №1 - your new password. Try to make it as difficult as possible.
  • In the field №2 you need to repeat this password.

Then you just need to click on the button that says “Done”.

You will see a message that your password has been successfully changed. Now you can log in to your account in ICQ with a new password.

Other options

When the user forgot the password of ICQ, how to recover it? There are other options for this:

  • When your password is saved in the client itself, and you can use ICQ, but the password itself is not visible because of the asterisks, you need to download any program that shows such "hidden" passwords.
  • You can try to recover the password from ICQ with the help of security questions in the event that you specified them during registration.
  • In the case when your ICQ number is linked to the account of any of the localized ICQ partners, for example, if Bigmir Rambler, then the lost password will be changed in case of changing the password from the account of this partner.
  • The last thing you can do is try to guess the password (for example, qwerty, 1111111 and others like them). This method should be used as a last resort because you can delete the password stored under the stars. For this purpose, use some other ICQ client.

If all of the above does not help, you just need to register a new account in ICQ, because it will be impossible to find out the password.

Now you know how to recover ICQ password!

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