How to recover a hard disk?

In the article we will consider the possibility of restoring a failed hard drive. On how to recover data from a formatted hard disk, you can read. Many are interested in the question: is it possible to restore the hard drive? Let's answer this way: recovering information from a damaged hard disk is possible if its working surface is not damaged. Well, now several effective ways to restore the disk that will help you recover valuable information.

How to recover a damaged hard drive: basic information

First of all, you need to carefully inspect the case of your hard drive (this is what users often call hard disks) for possible damage. To do this, you must first turn off the computer and unplug the hard drive, then you can proceed to the inspection. With noticeable damage, you can take the disc to specialists, since you cannot do anything yourself here, however, it is useful to do the following.For starters, you can try replacing the power and data wires with new ones and see if the drive will work after being connected, because sometimes the problem is a wiring fault.

Also, the problem may be in the wrong connection of the drive, especially if it is a drive type PATA. Such hard disks may not work in the �slave� mode, so you need to rearrange the jumper on the disk to the �master� mode so that the computer sees this disk as the main one. This situation can also be solved by leaving only this �problematic� hard drive connected. If your disk still does not work, you can try the following: connect another disk to the same connector instead. In the event that it will not work either, the problem lies not in the disk, but in the motherboard or in the disk controller card. In the same way, you can connect the disk you are interested in to another computer - in the case of a positive load, it will become clear that you need to inspect the motherboard or the controller board no longer.

How to recover a hard disk: use another disk

The second way is to replace some parts of the hard disk using another hard drive.In particular, let's talk about the controller board, which is quite often the main reason for the failure of a hard disk. But first you need to make sure that the board is removed without opening the hard drive case. After that, you need to find a completely similar hard drive, and you can proceed to replace.

Gently unscrew the screws and remove the controller board on the broken disk, then do the same with the working disk and screw the card from the working disk to the broken one. Now you can check our hard drive by connecting it to your computer. However, it is worth noting that if it works, it is better to err and copy important data somewhere else. If the disk did not work, screw the working board back to the �donor� disk, which should work as before.

Other hard disk partition recovery options

Until now, we have been talking mainly about physical damage to hard drives. But it often happens that there is no physical damage, and the disk still does not work. The most common problem here is file system corruption.In this case, it may help, for example, using a different operating system other than Windows. And the best option is Linux. In Linux, you can make an image of a hard disk not working under Windows, or you can load the Windows installation disk and type the command �chkdsk� (without quotes) in the console, which will allow you to start the process of checking and restoring the damaged file system.

However, these procedures should be resorted to as a last resort, since Linux usually reads hard drives with a damaged Windows file system well. Do not forget that immediately, as access to the files on the disk will be obtained, you should copy them to a more reliable, working disk in order to avoid problems with the hard drive with a corrupted file system. And after the copying is completed, you can run the full formatting of this disk

We also note that today there are many useful utilities that can recover damaged information - with the exception of cases, which we will discuss below.

Hard Disk Recovery Utilities

To recover data from hard drives, you can use special programs - utilities. And one of these utilities is Photorec.It was originally used to restore graphical information, but today's versions allow you to recover files of any type. A certain inconvenience (of course, relative) of Photorec is that it gives the recovered files their own names, so after the recovery process is complete, you will have to try to find the necessary data. However, these are mere trifles compared to the fact that damaged or erased important files will be restored.

In order to learn how to use this program and similar utilities, it will take a little time. By the way, to restore individual files from the hard disk, you can use the free Recuva program, which is easy to find on the Internet. It allows you to recover deleted files of any type, and in addition, you can search for deleted files in a special directory created by the system, and restore only those that you really need. Here are just restore such programs, as a rule, only those files that have been deleted recently, and here you need to explain why not all the information available on your hard disk can be restored.

When it is impossible to recover information

One case in which data recovery is impossible (in any case, in full), we have already said - this is the damaged recording surface of the hard disk. In this case, in order to try to recover information, you can contact a special company.

The second case is associated with the recovery of information long recorded on disk. And here the chances of recovery are less than those files were deleted before. The fact is that the recording on the hard disk is made in such a way that the new information is written over the old one that has been deleted. That is, the deleted information is in fact still stored on the disk (unless it was deleted in a special way, using special programs), but gradually overwritten with a newer one. At the same time, even if there was little new information recorded on the disk, the chance of recovering very old files is still small, because you should not forget about the system files that are created by the operating system in the process.

Final tips

Now you know almost everything about how to recover a hard disk. It remains to add that in some cases it is still worth entrusting the restoration of hard drives to specialists.It is advisable, firstly, when trying to recover very important data in order to prevent the final damage of the hard drive, which can result, for example, inadvertent handling of a hard disk.

And secondly, you can entrust the hard drive to the masters in the case when it is under the manufacturer�s warranty. In this case, you can contact the service center for free. The only thing to remember is that if you want to repair a disk in a service center, you cannot open the case of the disk, otherwise you will be denied warranty service.

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