How to recognize rickets

Rickets has distinct signs, which are difficult for loving and attentive parents to miss. The first signs of the disease are differences in the daily behavior of the child. He becomes fearful, capricious, or vice versa, listless, irritable.
During feeding and sleeping, sweating heavily, as a result of which the pillow under the head becomes moist. The child is worried about itching, because of which he constantly twists his head. Therefore, the hair on the parietal part of the head falls out.
At the next stage of the development of the disease, if the necessary measures are not taken, an abdominal enlargement begins, sometimes diarrhea and then constipation occur. There is a weakness of the muscles with a decrease in their tone, the development of motor skills lags behind.
Later, the deformity of the skeletal system begins - the size of the head increases, the skull becomes flat, parietal and frontal bumps appear. Often in the parietal and occipital parts appear areas of softened bones.
When the child begins to stand up, their O-shaped or X-shaped curvature is found. The chest is squeezed from the sides - the so-called "chicken breast".
Children with rickets are susceptible to various infectious diseases. Convulsions are often observed. If the disease is not treated, it will lead to a significant curvature of the spine, legs, development of flatfoot, impaired proper development of the pelvic bones, distorted work of the nervous system, internal organs.
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It is recommended that strict adherence to the recommendations on the intake of vitamin D, the excess of which can cause poisoning of the body, which affects the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract.
Helpful advice
Prevention of rickets of the child begins during the pregnancy of his mother - a balanced diet, a fairly long stay in the fresh air, a clear regimen of the expectant mother. After birth - compliance with the rules of child care, timely visits to the doctor, the fulfillment of his prescriptions. In winter, in consultation with the pediatrician, it is necessary to conduct a quartz lamp irradiation session and take fish oil.

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