How to quickly open the champagne?

Champagne - an exquisite festive drink for real ladies. It is pleasant to drink it, but to open it is rather difficult and sometimes even dangerous. But if you know a few rules, you can speed up and facilitate the process.


Sometimes you need to tinker

To open a bottle of champagne quickly and without consequences, you must follow the basic rules of preparation:

  1. First of all, champagne should be cooled. Firstly, the drink will be much more pleasant to drink, and secondly, the amount of gases in it will be significantly reduced, so the cork will not fly out of the neck at a breakneck pace. The optimum temperature is 5-7 degrees Celsius. You can put the bottle for an hour in the fridge or in a bucket filled with ice.
  2. Since after cooling the bottle will be damp, it must be wrapped with a tissue before opening, this will prevent slipping and reduce the risk of slipping and dropping the bottle.
  3. Take it easy. Yes, many are afraid to open the champagne and take the bottle with shaking and poorly obeying hands. In this case, you definitely will not succeed.Either they simply do not have enough strength, or the bottle will slip and shatter to smithereens.

What can not be done?

When opening champagne, you can not do the following:

  • Shake the bottle. The amount of gases in this case may increase so much that under their pressure the cork will fly out of the neck, and the foamed drink will spill on you, as well as on the people around you and nearby objects. But if your goal is exponential opening with a fountain of champagne, then, on the contrary, shake the bottle.
  • Supercool the drink. He will simply lose his properties. The amount of gases will greatly decrease, and champagne will not "play" in the glass.
  • Open the bottle with a corkscrew, in this case, it can scatter into small pieces and injure someone. The fact is that the gases contained in the drink will push out the cork, and you, twisting the corkscrew, at the same time will put pressure on the cork. Glass of such pressure can simply not withstand.
  • Direct the neck of the bottle at people. A cork can fly out of the neck with a fairly high speed, so that if it hits a person standing next to it, it may well cause harm to his health and lead to injuries.
  • Route the neck on fragile items or electrical appliances, damage to which may cause injury.

Open the bottle of champagne

How can I open a bottle of champagne? There are several ways to do this.

Method one

This method is the easiest, the most entertaining and at the same time very dangerous. It is suitable for opening in open space, for example, on the street. Algorithm of actions:

  1. First, remove the foil and unwind the mycelet (the so-called wire holding the plug).
  2. Now tightly clasp the cork so that it does not fly out ahead of time, and shake the bottle.
  3. Then release the cork and either wait for it to fly out itself under the pressure of the gases of the drink, or speed up the process and knock on the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Very soon the cork with speed will fly out of the neck. Remember that it is dangerous to direct the neck of people or objects.

Second way


This method is considered the safest. This method can open the champagne girl. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Tightly grasp the bottle and slightly tilt it. The optimal angle of inclination is 40-45 degrees. Why do this? The fact is that the pressure inside the bottle is quite significant and two or three times the pressure in the car tire.And if you keep the bottle straight, the pressure will fall entirely on the neck and plug, so that the latter will fly almost with a whistle. A small slope will allow you to send pressure to the hanger of the bottle, that is, to the place of the beginning of the neck. As a result, the cork should go quietly and without a shot.
  2. Now remove the foil and myule and firmly grasp the cork.
  3. Start slowly but surely rotate the bottle (yes, it is her, not the cork).
  4. Gradually the cork will come out. If she won't give in, but try loosening it from side to side and pulling it out with effort. If the cork slides in your hands, wrap it with a cloth.

Third way

This method is the most dangerous and is suitable, rather, for the desperate and courageous. It involves the use of a knife (if you have a sword, then use it). Procedure:

  1. Tilt the bottle at an angle of 40-45 degrees. It is advisable to turn it side seam up to move the knife in its direction.
  2. Hold the bottle with one hand, the other with the knife. Direct the neck to a safe place.
  3. Point the blade of the knife to the neck of the bottle. But experienced "discoverers" advise to do otherwise, directing the back side of the blade to the neck.
  4. Now, with a sharp and confident movement, hit the neck edge. It together with the cork should fly.If it was not possible to open the bottle the first time, try again.

Helpful Tips

Favourite drink

Some useful tips that will allow you to open a bottle of champagne correctly and without damage and injury:

  • Cool the drink gradually, as with rapid cooling (if placed in the freezer), it may expire.
  • If you are afraid not to hold the bottle and drop it, then use a support, such as a floor or a table.
  • Do not hurry. Remember the famous saying.

Open the champagne, following the rules to enjoy a drink and avoid injury.

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