How to quickly get rid of sunburn?

If some seek to tan as quickly as possible and get chocolate skin tone, then others want, on the contrary, to get rid of sunburn. And it is quite possible.

Why get rid of sunburn?

What are the reasons to get rid of sunburn? There are several:

  • Unevenness. If one part is tanned more than others, or after the sunbathing, there are outstanding and unattractive traces of clothes or accessories, then it looks ugly and ridiculous.
  • Tan comes down unevenly. If one literally “sticks” to one, lasts for a long time and leaves gradually, then others are much less fortunate. So, tanned skin may peel, leaving white spots. And in this case, the remnants of sunburn is better to remove.
  • Ugly color. Although the sun is one, it shines and affects the skin in different ways: the inhabitants of the southern countries acquire a chocolate shade, but in the northern inhabitants it is grayish. And this is explained not only by the different influence of the ultraviolet, but also by the differences in the reaction to it due to the physiological characteristics of the nationalities.

Is it realistic to do this?

Darkening of the skin is a reaction to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Under the sun's rays, active production of the dark pigment melanin is triggered, and it accumulates in special cells located in the upper layers of the dermis. And the skin is peculiar to be updated due to the removal of dead particles. If this process is accelerated, then the old cells will peel off faster, and instead of them, new ones will begin to form, but without melanin.

Saloon methods

Consider effective salon methods to lighten the skin and equalize their tone:

  1. Laser brightening. Laser beams of a certain length penetrate the skin and, due to the accumulation of energy, literally destroy the cells that accumulate melanin. As a result, the skin becomes lighter, but several procedures may be required to achieve the desired results.
  2. Photo correction or phototherapy. The essence of the method lies in the effect of photo-waves: the impulses sent affect melanin: it accumulates heat and then gradually collapses. At first the skin can slightly darken, but then the processes of its updating and clarification are started.
  3. Peels Mechanical and chemical acid peels are carried out in the salons, and such procedures provide accelerated removal of the upper layers of the dermis.As a result, the skin not only acquires a natural uniform color, but also smoothes, younger and fresher.

Useful home treatments

How can I get rid of sunburn on the body or face? Such procedures that can be carried out independently will help in this:

  • Bathhouse Elevated temperatures and exposure to moisture significantly accelerate the processes of renewal of the skin, leveling their relief and shade. And if you regularly visit the bath (every day or every other day) and fully steam with a broom, you can remove the tan in a couple of weeks.
  • Frequent bathing or showering with a washcloth. Water washes away pollution, and with the help of a washcloth you will accelerate the exfoliation of dead cells and regeneration. But such a bath accessory should be quite tough. Actively rub his entire body with each bathing to wash off unwanted tan.
  • Massage with a special mitten. It has a rough surface, due to which metabolic processes, cell regeneration and peeling are reproved. Such procedures are preferably performed daily for quick results.

Cosmetical tools

At home, you can apply specialized bleaching cosmetics.They are available in the form of creams, gels and masks and, as a rule, contain fruit acids that provide the effect of peeling. Use such tools regularly and in accordance with the instructions, but remember that they have contraindications.

Good with various tanning scrubs. They may contain abrasive particles (for example, crushed apricot or grape seeds, sea salt, granulated polymers) and acids. Usually, scrubs are used once or twice a week, but to get rid of dark skin tones, procedures can be performed more often.

Home methods

The following folk remedies are effective:

  • Fermented milk products: whey, yogurt, natural yogurt, kefir. The lactic acid contained in them will remove the hyperpigmentation, if you make masks twice a day and withstand them for 20-30 minutes.
  • White or blue cosmetic clay. In powder form, it is diluted with water to a state of gruel, evenly distributed over the skin and left for half an hour. You need to do masks every day.
  • Lemon juice is a well-known natural bleach that will help get rid of pigmentation after sunbathing.The simplest option - several times a day to wipe the skin with juice, moistening it with a napkin or cotton pads.
  • On the face tan can be removed by hydrogen peroxide. In it, add talcum powdered chalk or baby powder, bring the mixture to a mushy state, and then spread this mass evenly over the skin and leave it literally for ten minutes. Then wash with warm water. But the tool is not recommended for sensitive and thin skin.
  • Useful and effective natural scrub - ground coffee beans. Mix them with natural honey and olive oil, and then massage with active movements rub all over the body for five minutes. You just have to take a shower. Such procedures are carried out daily or every other day.
  • For scrubbing, you can also use sea salt, rubbing it into the skin with a washcloth, hands or massage mitt. Next, wash off the remnants of warm water.
  • Table 9% or apple cider vinegar. They need to wipe the strongly tanned areas twice a day.
  • Make parsley masks. Grind greens in a blender and apply to the surface of darkened skin. After half an hour, remove the mass with warm water.
  • Chop cabbage finely-finely and make masks of it daily.
  • Useful juice of cucumbers and tomatoes. You can also grind vegetables and apply them as masks: separately or together.


Finally tips:

  1. After applying the products and carrying out the procedures, apply soothing or moisturizing creams (for example, “Panthenol”) to the skin.
  2. Any means you need to test before use, inflicted on the wrist or elbow for half an hour.
  3. Do not seek to get rid of sunburn very quickly: it can harm your skin.

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