How to protect the USB flash drive?

Flash drives came into our everyday life, already far in the past those days when the flash drive was the lot of wealthy users, and the 512 MB flash drive size seemed something transcendental. Today, no one will hang a flash drive around a neck on a chain to surprise others, as it was 5-7 years ago. Today flash drives are popular, and popular products have their own problems. The creators of viruses and other malware are not sleeping. We will understand how to protect the USB flash drive.

Turning off the autorun

  • The first way to disable the following: Press Win + R, enter gpedit.msc, click "OK" and go along the path "Computer Configuration", then "Administrative Templates" and go to "System". Open with a double click "Disable autorun", put a tick on "Enabled" and below in "Disable autorun on" select "All drives". Click "OK" and close the "Group Policy" window.
  • The second way. Enter the text for this in Notepad. Then in the File menu, select Save As. In the "File Name" line, type in quotes any name with the permission .reg, for example, "autorun.reg" and save. Run this file and agree to add to the registry. Everything, the autorun is disabled.

Fighting viruses

We turn to the point how to protect the USB flash drive from viruses. One of the most radical ways is to acquire a flash drive with fingerprint recognition, which have a non-writable file autorun.inf. Consider another way.

Similar to the previous paragraph, open Notepad and copy into it:

attrib -s -h -r autorun.∗

del autorun.∗

mkdir% d0AUTORUN.INF

mkdir "?% d0AUTORUN.INF .."

attrib + s + h% d0AUTORUN.INF

Also go to the "Save as .." window, but assign the file name with the extension .bat - "viruskaput.bat". Copy this file to your flash drive and run, a non-deleted autorun.inf file will be created and the virus will not be able to copy it to yours.

Parolim flash drive

Now we will talk about how to protect the flash drive with a password. For this we need a special free program TrueCrypt, which you can download. First, prepare a USB flash drive, clearing it from all files. Now we start the installed TrueCrypt and go to the “Tools” menu, then to the “Traveler Disk Setup ...”, in the “File Settings” field specify the path to the USB flash drive via the “Browse ...” button, then click “Create” at the bottom of the window, after The program will copy the necessary files, close this window.

We copy our files to the flash drive and in the same “Tools” menu we select the “Volume Creation Wizard” item, in the first two windows we leave everything as it is, and in the third we indicate the path to your newly copied files on the flash drive.We pass further and in the window "Volume Size" indicate the maximum size of your flash drive. Remember that the FAT 32 file system can store files up to four gigabytes in size. Next, enter your password in the next window, select the file system of the flash drive and click "Format". Now, when you open the flash drive, you need to enter a password, for this, the TrueCrypt program is not needed.

Write protection

If you have a four gigabyte flash drive and you do not know how to protect the flash drive, then use the small USB dummy protect program that creates a file called dummy.file that fills the entire free space of the flash drive. To release it, simply delete this file. Be careful and do not store on your flash drive are not duplicated important documents, in order to avoid their loss.

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