How to protect the Slavic runes

Any rune is the embodiment of a certain aspect of human existence, therefore, none of them has any exact formulation of its meaning. The runes are magical signs that protected from evil spirits and contributed to the fulfillment of desires, the Slavs used in times of early paganism. They were put on the body in the form of tattoos, engraved on stones or metal to be worn as a pendant, they decorated the arms of the arms, household utensils, woven into intricate ornaments on clothes.
One of the main components of the Slavic runes was a cross, in which the Slavs believed in the miraculous power long before the spread of Christianity. The cross on the Slavic runes was also depicted as a swastika. The strongest talisman, for example, was considered the rune of the Goddess, personifying the divine power and protection of the Bright Gods to the person who stands in the way of spiritual development and self-improvement. This is a mandala for those who fight for the truth,it helps to realize the unity of the four primary elements of which the Universe consists: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The goddess was considered a male rune.
One of the strongest women's amulets was the Fleece Cross of Lada, meaning the continuity of life cycle, birth and death, symbolizing the infinity of the Universe. This rune was worn by those women who wanted to start a family or have a child, it was believed that it helps in both. The runes Ladinets and Kolyadnik are also cross, they are inscribed in a vicious circle - a symbol of the Sun and the supreme Slavic pagan deity - Yarila. These runes protected from dark energy, they were worn by both men and women, they can often be found on the ornaments of towels and clothing.
The runes of general action include the Tree of the World, this rune means the protection and protection of the gods, as well as the rune Alatyr - the center of the Universe, it must be worn by those who want to achieve truth and justice. But for those who want to start a new life, to get out of the vicious circle, the rune of Chernobog will help them overcome the forces of Chaos. Those who want to protect their family and loved ones, save property and multiply it,make a successful career and protect the house from intruders and negative energy, will help the rune Odal. She will save the family from the enemies and help to see the human essence.
Runa Raido, or Rainbow - a talisman for those who are going on the road and on the road. It will protect the traveler from accidents, diseases and robbers, save in bad weather. Your path, if you take the Raedo rune with you, will be short and easy, all the goals for which the journey was taken, you will achieve.

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