How to prepare the body for a summer party

Summer party charges take longer. Ideally, you should have time to do not only the makeup of the body, but also the face. We tell you what highlighters, powders and balms will be able to make you literally shine from head to toe.

Longing, Benefit

Despite the perky package with pin-up-beauty, inside this box is a tool for a real lady. The thick balm has a delicate and non-invoking pearly shade that looks very elegant on the skin. In the kit is a pillow, which should be applied to the skin, - it is easy, and do not get your hands dirty.

Body Balm Bathing Take A Picture It Lasts Longer, Benefit

Body Balm Bathing Take a Picture It Lasts Longer, Benefit (2 550 rub.)

Body Glow, Nars

Apply this shimmering golden bronze oil to a slightly damp skin after a shower, and at any party you will not take your eyes off. The product visually aligns the tone, distracting attention from skin imperfections after winter (especially this refers to the legs), and gives a pleasant shine. Economical consumption - do not regret and use at least for the whole body.

Body Glow Body Glow, Nars

Body Glow Body Glow, Nars (3 700 rub.)

Body Lava, Fenty Beauty

This spring, Rihanna released a new collection of cosmetics, and in it we especially liked one pearl - Body Lava body highlighter, presented in two shades. The singer announced the release of this treasure with a video clip, in which, with her characteristic charm, put a highlighter on her bare shoulder, and everyone fell in love with the novelty. Ri-Ri herself, by the way, called the tool "the main outfit of spring." For the summer this title, we think, also passes. Find a tool now is not easy: the singer's fans all bought out. But it's still real, so hurry, it's worth it.

Luminizer Body Lava, Fenty Beauty

Luminizer Body Lava, Fenty Beauty (4,450 rubles)

Glitter Body Spray, Tasha

Going on vacation to the beach, do not forget to throw this body spray with an absolutely amazing mango flavor into the suitcase, which at parties on the seashore will be just the way. In addition to giving shine and smell, spray also moisturizes the skin.

Glitter Body Spray, Tasha

Spray for a body with sparkles, Tasha (350 rub.)

Body Shimmer Supermodel Body, Charlotte Tilbury

Alluring title promises that after applying the cream from the mirror at least Cindy Crawford will look at you. And it is almost like that. Leather, at least with this tool will really look great on any red carpet under the light of the most ruthless spotlights.In addition to the fact that the cream gives the skin a flicker and an easy tanning effect, it still moisturizes, tightens it and improves blood circulation - in its composition, aloe, shiitake extract and menthol.

Body Shimmer Supermodel Body, Charlotte Tilbury

Body Shimmer Supermodel Body, Charlotte Tilbury (3,960 rub.)

Puff & Shine Shining Face & Body Powder, Sephora

A wonderful powder for the body, which will decorate not only your skin, but also the dressing table. Just look at this pink puff, so you want to immediately buy a remedy. But beauty, of course, is not its only virtue. Powder gives the skin a pearly flicker, with which to become the main star of the party is even easier.

Puff & Shine Shining Face & Body Powder, Sephora

Shining powder for face and body Puff & Shine, Sephora (1 600 rub.)

Tan Minutes Body Glow Lotion Too Sexy, Tony Moly

Highlighter for the body, similar to tanning. It gives your skin a luxurious natural shine and shade, as if you were just from the beach. It is easy to apply and does not dry due to the content of moisturizing ingredients.

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