How to properly prepare a woman for pregnancy?

At this stage of development of modern society, there is a very fashionable trend, when a young family is planning in advance and preparing for the appearance of a baby in their family. And this is a very good decision. After all, depending on how psychologically and physically you prepare for pregnancy, it will be easier and calmer, without identifying unforeseen pathologies and diseases.

The result is a healthy baby and happy parents. So how correctly to prepare for pregnancy to future moms and dads?

Tips & Warnings

Many young girls and men adhere that it is enough to stop protecting themselves, and pregnancy will come soon. This is not entirely true.

The first step is to visit an ordinary therapist. To pass general tests (blood and urine, to do a x-ray, etc.) to identify the general state of health of your body. It would be good to visit the dentist, because during pregnancy the first,what starts to hurt is the teeth, besides the unhealthy mouth is a source of excess infections and bacteria.

If you suffer from chronic diseases, you should consult with your doctor. He will be able to give you advice on what precautions you need in your case if you want to get pregnant.

Special blood tests

  1. Donate blood for the study of Rh factor and blood group. This analysis will have to be handed over to the father of the unborn child. It is necessary in order to avoid Rhesus conflict, since you may have different Rh factors.
  2. Antibody test. The presence of antibodies indicates the presence of immunity to certain infectious diseases, for example, rubella. If they are not, then it is necessary to make a special vaccination 3-4 months before the planned conception.

It will not be superfluous to visit a gynecologist, who can appoint you an ultrasound of the pelvic organs. This procedure allows you to avoid various diseases that can be detected during pregnancy, such as polyps or uterine fibroids.

Really, in order to prepare for pregnancy as best as possible,it is necessary to pass all these examinations? The answer will be ambiguous, everyone has the right to act in such a situation at their discretion. This is not a complete list of possible analyzes and directions that you will need to do. But many of them are prescribed by the attending physician as necessary, so do not rush to rush through all kinds of cabinets, but visit a therapist to start.

What do you need to know future parents?

Not only all kinds of medical examinations are included in the planning of pregnancy. If you have already decided to acquire a child, then your lifestyle will have to be carefully reviewed, and this applies not only to moms and dads, but also to all domestic inhabitants.

It is advisable to stop smoking six months before the planned conception (if you haven’t done this before, it is doubly good!), Stop drinking alcoholic beverages and preferably go in for sports. For a lighter period of pregnancy and successful delivery, it is desirable that your physical condition was at its best.

Vitamin complexes are sold at any pharmacy for those who plan to acquire a child. Most women start taking vitamins only when they learn about pregnancy, and this, naturally, is not from the first days of conception.However, it is very important to intake folic acid, vitamins E, C and B6that affect the development of the fetus, as well as reduce the risk of various kinds of pathologies.

Take care of your food! Try to reduce the consumption of fried, fatty, spicy, all sorts of fast foods, products with preservatives and dyes. Useful will be vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, steamed or grilled, greens and fresh juices.

Do not try to go on a diet, as a sudden increase or decrease in weight can lead to hormonal failure. The exception is people with a lot of weight, which is their extra volume and prevents children. In this case, you need to lose weight carefully and under the supervision of dietitians.

Psychological moments

Psychologists strongly recommend psychologically prepare for 2-3 months before the planned conception. During this time, you will not only have time to go through all the necessary examinations, but also be able to put in your mind the thought that you will soon become a mother.

It is advisable to weigh the financial side of the issue before conception so that during pregnancy you do not expose yourself to painful thoughts of lack of money.You should also carefully consider where you want to spend the entire period of pregnancy: maybe you want to go to the village, where there is fresh air, and maybe to the sea, well, or if funds allow, go abroad.

Decide the question of where you want the delivery to take place, talk with the doctors - you should be calm that everything will go as you want.

The psychological and emotional state of the future mother is very much reflected on the health of the child. Pregnancy and childbirth is a great stress for the woman's body, so if the expectant mother was previously exposed to stress, nervous emissions, then she needs to attend special courses for young families that help to cope with such difficulties.

The correct solution will be a joint visit to such courses. At the initial stage of pregnancy, an aspiring mom needs to learn to calmly and calmly respond to unforeseen situations. A woman should get used to the idea that she is the future mother, that she will now bear a great responsibility for the health of her baby.

Many girls, before planning a pregnancy, it is worth thinking aboutAre they ready to part with their usual way of life? We'll have to say goodbye to clubs and discos, to part with alcoholic cocktails, to devote ourselves to healthy nutrition and sport first, and then to your child.

Of great importance for the psychologically positive state of a woman is the inner state of the family. During such a period, it is better that a permanent psychologist work with a pregnant woman, who over time can become your family doctor.

During pregnancy, the woman will change hormones, which contributes to the accumulation of negative emotions, such as anger, suspiciousness, irritability. In order not to pour out these emotions on her family, a woman should be able to maintain her emotional state through conversations with a qualified specialist.

From any situation there is a way out, do not take everything to heart. Your baby needs a healthy mom, and your family needs a happy and healthy baby. With proper preparation for such an important event, pregnancy will be a wonderful and long-awaited period in your life.

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