How to place the piano in the interior of the housing?

If you have a piano, then you should not consider it a burden and an excess object and hide. In fact, such a tool can be not only an addition, but also a bright interior feature. But it is important to know how and where to put it.

Which room is best to put the piano?

Where to put the piano? To select the room in which the instrument will be located, pay attention to a few important points:

  • Who plays the piano most often? If it makes a child, then you can put the tool in the nursery. But there are several nuances. Firstly, if the room is small, then the piano may simply not fit in it or take up almost all the free space. Secondly, the child, who will constantly see the instrument, may cool down to it or even begin to experience hatred, so it is better to hide it from the eyes of the child.
  • What are the acoustic characteristics of the room? For the music to sound beautiful, you need good acoustics.And it will be optimal, of course, in a spacious room with high ceilings.
  • What is the soundproofing of the room? Child's activities may not like the neighbors or, for example, the younger sleeping child. So be sure to pay attention to soundproofing.

In general, statistics show that the living room and the hall are the best places to place the instrument. But the latter is not available in every apartment. And if there is a separate free room, then it can be turned into a real music room.

Where exactly to place the tool?

Before you start choosing a particular place in the room, remember a few important points:

  • Do not place the tool near heating devices.
  • Do not place the piano near the window, as the sun's rays can cause degradation of the instrument.
  • The piano should not stand in a draft, so do not place it between the openings or the window and the opening.
  • High humidity can also have a negative effect on the instrument.

Now several options for the location in the interior of the apartment:

  • You can put the piano on one of the walls. This option will be optimal for small rooms.
  • Select a specific room zone for the instrument. In this case, the room should be quite spacious.
  • Grand piano can be put in one of the corners of the room. A good solution for square rooms.
  • Make the tool a bright accent, putting it in the middle of the room. But this way of accommodation is suitable only for a spacious room.

How to write a tool in the interior?

Some interesting ideas:

  1. If you have allocated a hotel zone for the tool, then be sure to mark it. To do this, you can use certain tones, which should differ from the color scheme of the main interior. You can make them more vivid, so that the piano looks like an interesting accent, or, on the contrary, pastel and calm, so that the zone turns into a corner designed for relaxation. You can also perform zoning using certain pieces of furniture that should be combined in color and style with the instrument. These can be chairs, carpet, sofa and so on.
  2. If you decide to place the piano in the corner, then it should become an integral part of the room, literally merge with the other objects. And in this case it is important to combine both in style and color.The usual classical piano can fit into such styles as baroque, gothic, empire, renaissance, rococo, classicism and so on. If the interior of the room is made in such a style as modern, hi-tech or loft, then it is better to choose a modern instrument that will more resemble a synthesizer. As for the color range, it is not necessarily a complete match. It is enough to know the successful color combinations. These include white and black, brown and beige, brown and purple and so on.
  3. If the piano is placed in the middle of the room, then it can be safely made a bright spot. This means that it may differ from the general interior in both style and color. It is best to put a grand piano in the center, and not a modest piano. But it is still better to choose this option if you allocate a separate room for the instrument. But then the piano should be part of the interior.
  4. Placing the tool in one of the walls, do not forget to arrange it properly. Choose for her finishing materials, differing in texture and color from the overall design, but combined with the piano itself.This will allow you to identify the musical zone and at the same time highlight and beat the instrument at a profit.

Helpful Tips

A few recommendations:

  • If the piano has long been in your home, and you started a repair, then do not rush to throw out or change the instrument. You can restore it. Remove the paint and varnish, and then start creating. You can simply change the color of the piano and cover it with paint, use different techniques (for example, craquelure, decoupage and others), stick vinyl stickers on the instrument or paint it. If you are not confident in your abilities, then seek the help of professionals.
  • On the piano, you can place accessories, such as family photos, candlesticks, figurines, and so on.
  • An interesting and unusual solution would be to place the instrument on a pedestal. Then a simple piano game can be turned into a real concert.
  • Remember to provide adequate lighting. You can put a floor high floor lamp next to the piano or place a few point lighting elements above the instrument.

Interesting ideas and inspiration to you!

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