How to persuade mom to let go of the sea with dad

Mom and dad have long been out of touch. Somehow they went wrong. I am from this of course bad. How many times have I told my mother about this, she is not punched. And so, my dad calls me to go to the sea for two days, just to swim at the weekend. And mom doesn't want to let me go. He says, they say I have not communicated with him so much, I do not know how he became, etc. I, by the way, are 16 years old But I can’t solve this problem, and my parents don’t want to communicate with each other at all.
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Answered 18 august 2017 17:56
It’s clear that mom is projecting her relationship with dad on you. Unfortunately, your problem is typical: since I am not at odds with my dad, it means that children will not communicate with him. But children are not to blame for the fact that their parents are divorced or do not communicate - this is their relationship, and so often happens. A child can have a good relationship with mom and dad, like you, for example. It is necessary to explain to mom that her relationship with dad is her business, and yours is a completely separate topic.Just letting her understand this is normal, and not so that she gets angry, upset, etc. To remind you that he is your close and dear person, and if your mother does not communicate with him, this does not mean that he has become a stranger to you. She needs to understand that you need a second close person, no matter what relationship between mom and dad, mom need to stand in your position. And if she is so afraid for you, then for your sake you can offer a very short meeting on the eve of departure to the sea, where they will agree on your safety, etc.
Oiratka Elena Frolova
Oiratka Elena Frolova
Answered 29 March 01:38
We must ask the father that he simply and intelligibly talk to his mother.

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