How to pack in 2017

You will need
  • Suitcase on wheels or travel bag, pen and notebook
Make a list of things you plan to take on a trip. Examine it carefully and analyze whether you really need all of this. Cross out the item as soon as there is a doubt about its necessity.
When collecting on the road, please note that, most likely, you will have the opportunity to buy the necessarythingsarriving at your destination.
So that on the road there are no problems with the breakdown of lightning in baggage, pay attention to its condition in advance. Do not close the suitcase with force, it is better to lay out a few things.
Try to choose a wardrobe for the trip so that you can easily make several sets of clothes for different occasions from the minimum number of items. Better ifthingsthey will be made of unbreakable tissues. Grab a pair of matching colored scarves and belts, and you can easily diversify your sets.
At the bottom of the bag or suitcase, place the heaviestthings- books, shoes, etc. Put underwear and socks in between. Roll the clothes into a roll - this will save you extra space in your suitcase, andthingsless hesitate.
Stock up with cosmetics and hygiene products (shampoo, cream, lotion, toothpaste, etc.) in special packages of smaller than usual volume. It is advisable to put accessories for washing in a separate cosmetic bag, which will always be at hand. If you are going to fly by plane, all toiletries and creams folded in a strong package - with a pressure drop creams and shampoos can leak and smear clothes.
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Very important: never put documents, money and other valuables in those suitcases and bags that you are going to check in - there is a chance that it will be lost.

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