How to organize an agricultural enterprise

To organize an agricultural enterprise, it is necessary to analyze the market, identify the needs of the population and match them with the climatic features of the area. Thus, each region has its own priority areas due to the greater profitability of the project. The agricultural direction covers a fairly wide range of specializations: someone will choose livestock farming, someone will grow plants. Often, an agricultural enterprise conducts integrated farming activities, which allows the seasonality of some of the activities to be turned into a benefit and an additional way to make a profit.

How to choose a direction

As already mentioned, integrated business management in this case is very appropriate, since it allows to increase the profitability of the enterprise. So, if you breed cattle for meat, then to reduce the cost of feed, you should be puzzled by the crop direction, growing vitaminized fodder crops.It will turn out non-waste production, when animal waste products will be used to fertilize the land on which plants and vegetables are grown.
Farming will require not only physical costs, but also intellectual ones. Each process should be approached carefully, comply with the technology, only this attitude ensures the achievement of correct and optimal results. Innovative methods are acceptable in some cases, but they need to be introduced gradually and only on a small part of the processes. That is, you need to experiment on some part of the field, part of the livestock, but do not risk the entire volume of possessions.
If, in addition to agricultural production, we launch a processing line, the yield will increase significantly. With an oversupply in the market of imported expensive canned products and preparations, smoked meat and other delicacies, there is a shortage of affordable domestically produced goods. For this reason, it is possible to successfully organize the sale of finished products - from harvesting vegetables and berries to selling dressed soft hides of fur animals.

How to make land for the opening of an agricultural enterprise

To open a number of agricultural areas, it is enough to have only a small plot of land and seeds. It is good if this plot is available, when contacting the local administration or land organization, the purpose of the plot can be re-registered as a farmer, although such measures are not always required (everything will depend on the chosen orientation of the enterprise and the location of the plot). If you want to take a large plot of land for cultivation, you should look for opportunities to get space for rent, or acquire land from private owners. With livestock and production, which involves a lot of waste, you will need to organize additional sewage facilities, after receiving permission to conduct this type of activity in a particular plot. In some cases, registration of land lease does not require special financial investments, which cannot be said about the purchase. Also, a lot of money is needed for the purchase of equipment, construction of buildings, for other expenses.

How to find funds for the organization of the enterprise

If at the beginning of the farm operation there are not enough funds for the purchase of automated equipment, you should open only a small line, or rely only on the materials at hand. If you have an excellent credit history, you can purchase equipment on credit. Also, at first, the equipment can be rented or leased.
If you are engaged in animal husbandry or cultivation of high-quality crops, you will need finances for the purchase of seeds or young stock. The estimate will vary depending on the high cost of the variety or breed. In addition, depending on the purpose of the culture or breed, it will be necessary to purchase ancillary equipment that will help care for crops, produce cows, cut out wool, mow grass and others. If the enterprise is planned to be small, on the scale of a small plot of 6-15 acres, then there will be no need for special expenses for maintaining plants or animals, but one should not expect any special profits. There is no need to despair, since with the successful development of a small enterprise it can be expanded, which is why the income will also increase over time.
Finding money for a start is not always easy, but there are some programs for farmers, each region has its own. Also agriculture credits Rosselkhozbank. It is important to write a business plan and prepare documents confirming the existence of a farm.

How not to burn

If in some areas of business you can start on your own, then without agronomic knowledge, an independent opening of an agricultural enterprise is not possible. There can be two ways out: to hire people with certain skills and knowledge, or to receive specialized education. Also in the management of the agricultural economy can not do without auxiliary labor. For a start, you can hire workers for one-time work, in the future - to open a unit in the state.
For an enterprise to be successful, one should master the subtleties of marketing in order to establish sales channels. Here you should have an idea about the rules of business correspondence, negotiation and the ability to present the goods in a favorable light. If the company’s organizer doesn’t have such skills, then a professional will be needed.


Of the features of the agricultural enterprise, one should also indicate the risks associated with crop failure or loss of livestock. In order to avoid such troubles, a certain amount of money must be diverted to preventive measures. Special insurance can also help out - here you should choose an insurance agent who will offer a good insurance program.
As a result, with the right combination of all factors, the agricultural enterprise will function smoothly and generate income.

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