How to open your own store

Register your company. Openingthe store- it is a serious matter, so approach paperwork with all responsibility. To get started, contact the tax authority at the place of residence (registration), but note that they have no time for consultation, so if you are new to this business, it is advisable to get expert help from a lawyer who specializes in this matter.
Make a business plan. A proper, well-thought-out plan will help you correctly calculate costs and estimated profits.
Choose a location for the futurethe store. It is logical to choose the most advantageous location, with a large crowd of people and a huge cross. It is worth noting that in such places the rent is much higher in cost.
Think over the working staff. Age, education, appearance - everything matters. Trust recruitment to proven recruitment agencies.
Do not stop there. Business constantly requires investments, so be prepared to give yourself to this business completely.

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