How to open a savings book

You will need
  • - Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a temporary identity document (in case of loss or replacement of the main document),
  • - documents certifying possession of an account in this bank (in the event that the bank book must be attached to an already open account or restored due to loss),
  • - funds to be credited to the account (the minimum amount is 10 rubles).
Contact the branch of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation in your city. Contact a bank employee to arrange a savings bank account and attach a savings book to it. Today, only the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation offers customers to use these securities. In case of loss of the savings book, it is necessary to notify the bank employee so that he can redirect the client to the necessary specialist.
Provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or a temporary identity document to a bank employee.A bank specialist will ask you to fill out an application form in which you must enter your personal data, the series and number of your passport, place of registration, place of actual residence and telephone number. The whole procedure will take no more than 20 minutes. At the time of registration, inform the employee that it is necessary to issue a savings book. The fact is that, most often, bank employees open accounts with a classic plastic card by default. In case of loss of the passbook, it is necessary, along with the passport, to also provide the specialist with documents confirming the opening of the account.
Get a payroll from a bank employee or a receipt for a queue at the cashier. At this stage, the bank customer must deposit the amount to the account. To date, the minimum cost is 10 rubles. This amount is not a fee for bank services and is fully credited to the savings book account.
Return to the cashier for a savings book. Opening it, you can see the amount just paid. It should be remembered that a savings book is a registered official document issued by the Savings Bank.All entries and notes are made by the operator on a special printer, and operations are duplicated on the internal database. The possession and use of a savings book is made only by its holders upon presentation of a passport or by a third party, to whom in this case a power of attorney is written out.
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Savings books, despite the low mobility, are the most reliable way to store savings. Even the plastic cards of the new generation are inferior to them in terms of security.

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