How to open a marriage agency?

How to open a marriage agency?

How to open a marriage agency?

There is only one type of business activity, where, when the term “marriage” is pronounced, in addition to cheerful mood and joy, no extra emotions appear. The more married couples will be created, the more profit will be from the marriage business. Currently, thousands of entrepreneurs around the world earn on someone else's happiness. The turnover of each marriage agency today reaches $ 2 billion. This amount is undoubtedly impressive for every simple person who immediately wants to do this kind of business, especially since the amount is constantly updated and increased. Of course, there are a huge number of people in the world who are in constant search for the second half, hoping to find happiness and a family. For this reason, many residents of localities do not find another way out by contacting marriage agencies, this is for them the only chance to find a couple and start a family with the creation of a family.


How to open a marriage agency? In fact, this will require a minimum of strength. At first, most likely, it will be necessary to work with the help of a computer, the Internet, a printer, a scanner (any printing equipment), and of course a separate area to receive customers in it. Possessing its own housing on the ground floor and in a suitable area. For the first time, you can invite any client there, and, of course, do not forget about the most important detail - advertising, which will also spend some amount. It must be remembered that advertising should contain promises, intrigues and hopes, but without screaming and intrusive text.


The basis of good luck and profits of the marriage business is psychology and all the nuances, from advertisements to final dates, should take place in comfort, a homely atmosphere, and the client must be sure that the agency will help him. It is necessary to always give examples of successful work, praising the marriage bureau, you can still organize the honor roll, which will contain photos of happy newlyweds who have found each other. Future couples will not be superfluous and a book with reviews.


It is worth considering immediately the scope of a personal agency: will there be work with Russian clients,international or may involve more bilateral work (contacts are made only between two foreign states). And it is also necessary to think about who will pay for the services - every client who applies or only men, payment must be made for the performance of each service or for the result. All such nuances can be questioned from experienced people working in this field, in other words, from future competitors, to study the most important thing and choose the best one for the future.


In the modern world, the most prosperous and profitable is the organization of international marriage agencies in which men pay for every service of the agent.


How to open a marriage agency?

How to open a marriage agency?

In order for the business to flourish and be in demand, it is necessary to create an extensive database in which there will be photos and full information about each potential bride. It is necessary to make every effort to fill the catalog only decent brides, with a beautiful appearance, well-educated, with the necessary intellectual development. In order to not waste time in vain, do not hesitate to announce to each client,whom nature has not awarded with beauty and intelligence, that their chance is ghosted, and only thus reach the VIP-level of the marriage agency.


In parallel with the creation of a personal database, it is worthwhile to work with communication with any Western counterpart, and also to establish excellent relations with them, offering partners all databases and a list of services. If the first transaction is a great success, then it is worth making efforts to continue relations with partners and cooperate for a long time. All such marriage agencies for a successful transaction make a transfer of up to 50 percent of the amount that the client transferred them.


Groom tour is another project conducted with partners and bringing a fairly high income. The meaning of the groom-tour is that a whole delegation comes to meet with the Russian bride, which consists of 10 to 50 Western men. To conduct a fact-finding party in a club or restaurant, girls are invited by the number of 3 times more than the invited guys. To every foreign fiancé had the opportunity to choose and communicate with a girl who liked him, we must start creating a free, relaxed atmosphere.Everyone knows that such acquaintances are 100% successful. Usually, the costs associated with such visits by Western partners are paid by the partners themselves, and a part of the initial payment can be transferred to the Russian representative. At the end of such a party, a pair is formed, and the personal account will be replenished by a round sum so as not to burn out.


A marriage agency is a business, and every business is exposed to questionable situations and problems of a different nature. Every day there are people wishing to take advantage of other people's money, luring all the money from the grooms, and then skillfully disappearing. There are also ruthless gentlemen who come for someone else's money, and not for potential spouses. To prevent such incidents from occurring in life and business, you should follow basic security measures:


  • - all documents circulation should be transparent, and most importantly, each client's painting and checks must be carefully kept;
  • - it is necessary to keep the secrecy of the data obtained, and always keep the database in a safe;
  • - Passport data of clients should be checked personally, and applicants should be instructed to fill out all the necessary questionnaires in the agency.
  • - It is worthwhile to warn each potential bride in advance about possible fraud and to remind that it is important to be vigilant always.
  • - To prevent meetings with fraudsters, you should create a “black list” in order to be completely safe and do not forget to share all data with colleagues who are abroad.


No matter how this business area is considered, however, agencies have many advantages, and at least drawbacks.How to open a marriage agency? It will require a minimum contribution for starting a business, the annual turnover at the very beginning of opening a business already reaches from 20 to 30 thousand US dollars, and the profit is more than 20 percent. You do not need to be afraid of anything, the main thing is the desire, advertising in the right place and a minimum of effort, then all things will go uphill, and only success and prosperity will be expected.

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