How to mount MDF panels?

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How to mount MDF panels?

MDF-panel - a type of finishing material, which is made of medium density fiberboard. It is worth noting that MDF is an environmentally friendly material based on sawdust and small particles, which in combination with lignin or paraffin form a fairly durable material.

From our article you will learn how to work and fix the MDF panels.

Mounting MDF panels

In construction use several options for mounting MDF panels. Among them are:

  • mounting screws. This method is quite common, as the master only needs to attach the panel to the iron rail with screws, and it is used to eliminate the defects of the walls.
  • mount with glue. If you have perfectly smooth walls, then you can attach them to the wall with a special glue.

If you need to attach plastic panels, read about it in the article How to fix plastic panels.

Wall cladding MDF-plates

Wall cladding with MDF boards is suitable if you do not want to level the walls,remove old paint or wallpaper. During the work will need the following tools and materials:

  • screwdriver;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • metal profiles;
  • MDF panels;
  • special brackets.


  1. First you need to make a crate. To do this, first put the markup on the walls. The step width between the profiles is 50-70 cm. Next, metal profiles are horizontally attached to the wall usingWall cladding MDF-platesself-tapping screws. Then they fix the vertical profiles.
  2. Once the frame is ready, you can proceed to the installation of panels. First you need to prepare all the panels, fitting them in size. Then begin to mount, and, "go" is necessary from the window or from the doorway. Fix the first panel to the frame with a bracket so that its groove went into the bracket. It is worth noting that the brackets are attached to the frame with small nails. Then the next bracket is attached, and a new panel is attached to it, but at the same time the panels snap onto the lock between them. Thus fasten all prepared panels.

Important! If instead of a metal frame you decided to make wood, then in this case it is necessary to process the wooden bars with a special refractory compound.

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