How to meet a guy vkontakte

How to meet a guy vkontakte

How to meet a guy vkontakte

You spend so much time on social networks that friends and acquaintances have already begun to forget what you look like - but your personal life, meanwhile, doesn’t want to improve by itself? So, it's time to get acquainted with the Vkontakte guy.


It would be much easier to do this than to live - it turns out that tens of thousands of guys of different ages would not mind meeting a girl on VKontakte, so the choice is huge and things are easy - just start acting!


How to start dating vkontakte?



First of all, take the time to edit your VKontakte page. Even if at first glance everything seems to suit you, it’s far from a fact that the guys will like it. First of all, delete all the more or less unsuccessful or just stupid photos: photos taken by you personally in front of the mirror (they have long been a reason for jokes and show you not from the best side), photos that you did not get too successful (too big nose, red spots on the face, red eyes, and so on).


Be sure to delete the photos in which you are not quite sober or with a cocktail in your hand - you do not want your only interlocutors to be lovers of drinks in a cheerful company? Put your most successful photo on your avatar - it's better if it is a close-up face, such avatar-like photos attract the attention most quickly. And be sure to erase all the unfortunate records of friends and acquaintances from your wall - they, too, can scare off a potential fan.



Introducing the interests of VKontakte



Another important factor that you should definitely pay attention to when editing your VKontakte page before you begin to meet the guys in this social network is your interests. Think about how it should be, your perfect boyfriend? Think about his interests, find out what you have in common - and then change the list of interests on your page accordingly.


If the first thing the guys go to your page, pay attention to the photos, then secondly they will look exactly at your interests and hobbies - what books do you read, what movies do you watch, what music do you listen to and so on.Remove from your page all the template quotes - the guys really don't like them. And add to the list of interests those which, in your opinion, should have your future boyfriend - so that you immediately have a common topic for conversation when you first met.



The easiest way to get acquainted with the guy vkontakte



People are always united by common interests or common friends, acquaintances, and social networks are not an exception to this rule. The easiest way to meet someone on VKontakte is to participate in discussions in one of the many groups. Choose a group according to your interests. For example, if you play any online game, sign up for a group dedicated to this game, and if you support a certain football team (or at least you have at least some idea about it), find the appropriate community.


It can be a group about any musical group, about films, about clubs - yes, in principle, about anything, if only it would be interesting for you and the one with whom you would like to meet. And then everything is simple - actively participate in discussions and disputes, and very soon you will notice that you are interested.And there is not far and before the messages in private, which may result in a closer acquaintance.

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