How to make TV in Minecraft

Even a beginner can craft a TV in a Minecraft game. Since the TV is not an item officially proposed for construction, it may look the way you like it more.
For the manufacture of a TV, it is necessary to take a picture, a pressure stone plate, wool.
To get the plate, you need to combine two blocks of stone. Wool can be cut from a sheep. A picture should be made of eight sticks installed in the crafting window in a circle and a piece of wool located in the middle cell.
In order to make a TV set in Minecraft, it is necessary to choose the place where it will be located and to put a wool block there. Attach a previously prepared picture to the front of the installed unit. At the top of the structure you need to install a pressure plate made of stone.
You can make the structure larger by adding the required number of blocks according to the principle described above.
If you want to make the so-called LCD TV, the wool blocks should be replaced by a fence. To get a device that looks like a modern one, you should install a fence of four blocks in the place where the TV will be located, and attach a picture.
When you manage to make a TV in Minecraft, you can safely set your character to rest and do the same.

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