How to make thin?

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How to make thin?

HUD is a special indicator that is needed to display important information that occurs during the game, it is also very often called the user interface. It can be created for games such as GTA, Counter Strike, poker, etc. Before you create your gaming interface, you need to clearly consider its subject matter, the name that should correspond to the theme, the sketch that should have an invented icon and interface, that is, all work should be carefully thought out. How to make your thin?

Interface Creation Rules

  1. In no case do we move the images and mini-map to another place and do not change in size;
  2. The interface itself is also not resizable;
  3. All elements that are in the interface do not overlap with each other;
  4. The silhouette and the overall image are changed without affecting the size of the interface.

Instructions for creating an interface

  1. For the initial stage, we take a ready-made game interface template. For each game you can download it on a special server;
  2. Then open the file HUD_template.psd, you can do this using Photoshop version CS2 or higher, this particular program can allow you to use one object several times;
  3. The borders of the mini-map and some other elements are editable only once, as they no longer change;
  4. In order for the area that frames the character’s portrait to be changed for different image formats, we create several layers of the same portrait, but with different formats: 4: 3, 16: 9 and 16:10.
  5. A template can have a large number of interface parts. To display was in the right format, select the desired option;
  6. In order to edit the desired layer, double-click on it with the left mouse button, then select the "Edit content" command;
  7. After that, a new field pops up on the monitor, in which we draw an image of a personal skin, after the end we save the finished version;
  8. In order for the user interface to work in the game without interruption, each created file is saved in PNG format;
  9. Ready script, if it works in Photoshop, move to a special folder in the game;
  10. After everything is moved to the game folder, specify the path and route to the desired file.

In order to test your personal interface, send it to the server of the game for which it was made.To do this, there is a special store where we load our interface, then give it a name and view it on a test card.

Personal editors of HUD

HUD Editing Capabilities

  1. With the help of the editor, the main menu is changed (painting, inserting pictures).
  2. The transfer of objects (ammunition, maps, armor).
  3. Change parameters (color, size).
  4. Insert objects into frames, change them.

Now you can easily make your hood for your favorite game, taking advantage of the editors.

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