How to make mastic flowers?

Angelina Vivcharenko
Angelina Vivcharenko
August 17, 2014
How to make mastic flowers?

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How to make mastic flowers?

For any holiday you want to cook delicious dishes and please your home with original recipes, but the most important dish is always dessert, more often - a cake. Many housewives are wondering how to make a decoration for the cake, because I want to surprise the guests. One option for decorating the cake is to use mastic. Decorating with mastic desserts is not at all difficult; one of the decoration options is mastic flowers.

  1. So, first you need to make a mastic for flowers, there are many options for its preparation.
  2. Next, you need to divide the mastic into parts and add in each part a food dye of the desired color. Typically, the original mastic is white, milk or chocolate color, but you can make flowers from unpainted mastic.Mastic flowers
  3. Then it is necessary to roll out the mastic into a thin layer, no more than 2-3 mm thick, and cut out the necessary elements with molds. For this you can use ready-made forms or make them yourself.
  4. For example, to make a rose, you need to cut the petals: 3 small for the middle, then 4 medium and 5 wide petals. It is also necessary to cut out leaves of mastic green.
  5. Next, using a special rod with a round tip, roll the edges of each petal so that they become thin and form an edge in the form of a wave. If there is no such stick, you can gently roll the tips with your fingers.
  6. For convenience, you can use a toothpick. On a sharp edge to stick a small piece of mastic is the core of the flower. Then sequentially attach to the base of the core petals - first small, then medium and large. It is convenient to fasten the petals by moistening the fingers with cold water.

After the mastic flower is ready, leave the product to dry, preferably in a suspended state for 8-12 hours.

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