How to make glass

There are many different types of glass - they differ from each other in a number of indicators: from the cost and ending with the appearance. The most common types of glass are: window glass, reinforced glass, display glass, patterned glass, and profile glass. To obtain any of the above types of glass, glass sheets are first manufactured.

  1. In order to get the finished glass, you first need to cook it. Supercooled liquid mineral melts of sodium sulfate, silica and other elements are used as raw materials for the future glass. In order to achieve an increase in any individual characteristics of glass, alumina is added to the raw materials for its manufacture (to increase chemical durability and strength), chromium oxide (to impart a certain shade), etc.
  2. The production technology of glass is not particularly complex - usually at manufacturing plants, glass is made in special glass melting furnaces, the temperature of which can rise to 1500 degrees Celsius.Tempered in such a furnace, glass is subsequently characterized by extremely high compressive strength (from 600 to 1200 MPa). But at the same time, the finished glass remains a rather fragile material - its impact strength is extremely low, so you can even break an ordinary (non-reinforced) glass with a blow of a hand.
  3. In a glass melting furnace, molten glass mass is formed, which is used as a raw material for the manufacture of various glass products and sheet glass. After cooling, the glass melt hardens, so it takes the shape given to it in advance. For example, conventional window glass is obtained through the use of vertical pull machines - they give the glass melt the shape of a flat sheet, whose thickness ranges from two to six millimeters, and the linear dimensions can vary from 250 * 250 to 2000 * 2200mm.

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