How to make friends your dog with a cat?

Pets have long become loyal friends of man and full members of the family. But having heard the popular expression “they live like a cat and a dog,” we imagine, taking these words literally into what an apartment can turn into, where they settled two completely different animals. But very often the tailed baleenmen themselves refute this current opinion and get on well from the first days.

The main merit of this, of course, is the owner, who must ensure that animals do not become competitors in the “battles” for attention and the most tasty morsel, but faithful comrades.

Let's be friends!

So, the owner is faced with a very important question: "What is the right thing to do if you decide to settle two pets in your house?" How to make them friends?

Initially, it all depends on their age and the order in which they appeared.

Little pets

The truth is that they say that children find a common language much faster when they are very young. The same happens with animals.They have not had time to understand whether they can have enemies, so they perceive everyone around as potential friends. Perhaps, for the first time pets will be slightly afraid of each other, but eventually they will get used to it.

Big dog and little cat

It is quite another thing when the faithful dog lives with you the first day. If you decide to have a kitten, it is worthwhile to start to take care of his safe stay in the apartment. It is best to buy for him a small house, which should be placed in a place inaccessible to the dog. For the first week, always stay close to the animals to prevent possible aggression from the adult.

Adult cat and little puppy

Cats that have already managed to settle their territory, usually not very willing to let someone else on it. In order not to push them right away, bring the dog to the common territory in the house, and let the “mistress” meet the new resident. She should sniff the puppy.

After this, do not rush to leave animals alone. It is better to keep them in different rooms for several days, letting them get used to the idea that they will now have to cohabit.

Remember that dogs of large breeds quickly grow, and even if friendly relations are established between the pets, it is worthwhile to arrange a place for the cat to retire.

All adults

It also happens that in the house where the adult dog lives, the same cat appears. These are two animals with already established characters, each of whom wants to be a leader. They should meet and be in the same territory only in your presence.

Another important piece of advice is to ensure that the one who appeared first doesn’t “swing his rights” too much. But you yourself try to avoid excessive reproaches or punishments, because the “old-timers” can very painfully perceive the leadership of a stranger, holding a grudge against both you and him.

Do not forget to give the same amount of attention to both, and also feed at the same time.

General recommendations

Being responsible for our smaller friends is a very hard job. Therefore, before finally making a decision to have two pets, carefully weigh the pros and cons, answering yourself a few simple questions:

  1. Are you sure that you can give the same amount of attention and love without choosing a pet?
  2. Are you ready to adapt to the day regimen of your pets? And will your family be able to help you with this? (in time to feed, walk, play, take to the vet).
  3. Is there a responsible person who can look after the animals in case of your departure?

If you are ready to take on double responsibility, then it makes sense to read specialized literature to create the most comfortable conditions for your pets. And be consistent if you want to make friends with them.

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