How to make electric rails in minecraft

Gold bars. This is the main component of electrical rail. Since gold is quite difficult to mine, electrical rails are a really valuable block. You can go in several ways: destroy zombie pigs, combine gold nuggets, or smelt gold ore. The latter method is the simplest and most popular. To create six electric rails, you need to spend six gold bars.
Red dust. To do this, find a block of red ore and destroy it with a pickaxe. As a rule, 4-5 units of red dust fall out of one block. It performs the role of a kind of "wire" in the world of Minecraft. To produce six units of electric rails, you will need one red dust.
Stick. To get this block is the easiest. It is necessary to cut down a tree, to make boards from it, and to get sticks from boards. This is the only ingredient that is used to create both simple and electric rails.
Creature.Along the edges, it is necessary to place gold bars, place a stick in the center, and red dust from below. If you want to create several electric rails at once, increase the number of resources in a multiple of the number of times. To create the maximum number of rails from the available resources, it is necessary to hold down the Shift key and click on the crafting window.
Acceleration. If you just install the electric rails next to the ordinary ones, they will give the opposite effect: the trolley will start to brake. To avoid this, you will need a pressure plate or a red torch. They activate the electric rails, which allows the trolley to pick up speed. However, it will still fall over time.
To maintain speed throughout the journey, the electric rails must be constantly alternated with the ordinary ones. Depending on the situation, the proportion may vary. The best option is 1 electric rail for 25 ordinary ones.

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