How to make binoculars?

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How to make binoculars?

Of course, the self-made design of this device will not be able to compete with industrial designs, especially professional ones. But you can try to make binoculars with your own hands, especially since it is not so difficult.

How to assemble it and what basic details it consists of will be described in our article.


Before you make binoculars, it is necessary to carefully examine its design. What parts does it consist of? Let's see!

It is assembled from two completely identical parts, connecting along the width of the distance between the human eyes (regulation is possible). Each part is a cylindrical tube. It has a pair of lenses mounted on each side.

Operating principle

Rays of light from a point remote in space on the front lens (lens) are refracted. And then go to the back of the lens, which is called an eyepiece. From there, the rays go into the human eye. When this occurs, a multiple increase in the object under consideration.

How to make a body

We will manufacture the cylinders from glued cardboard by gluing (two identical ones). It should be noted that the eyepieces are usually smaller in size than the main lenses. Therefore, in the cylinder, the circle where the eyepiece is inserted should be smaller. This can be achieved by an adapter made from a plastic bottle, for example. Cylinders inside and outside should be painted black or any dark color.

About lenses

Lenses, of course, can also be made by hand. But it would be much easier to take ready-made ones (now they are sold separately or “picked up” from loops). Remember that the lens should be mutually convex and the eyepiece mutually concave. If you do not comply with this principle, the images in the binoculars will turn upside down. Lens fastened with tape, tape or glue.

Cylinders are connected to each other with ready-made tie closures or carved from a tin can from a beer. The distance between the cylinders is adjustable and fixed in the desired position. Hand-made binoculars ready for use. You can also try to bring your child to the device, as this is a fascinating and interesting process, designed for results and accuracy.

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