How to make an unusual bag?

Every true lady knows that almost every image must always be completed by one small, but very important detail - a handbag. Practically in any women's wardrobe, women's handbags occupy a place of honor, because without them they are nowhere: they are not only a nice addition to your appearance, but they also replace all sorts of crochet and pockets with their inner "5th dimension".

What can not be found in a handbag, men do not understand this, and the fine floor is firmly firmly convinced that everything you need must be with you: cosmetics, napkins, notebooks, small appliances and other female joys. What to do, such is our essence.

Very noticeable handbag

How many of those who are dear to a woman’s heart should be in constant use? Men, with confidence, will answer: “One!”. The female mentality in this regard has its own convictions that have evolved over the centuries, and are absolutely not subject to male logic.

  • First, every woman should have one, everyday, for all occasions, a bag that will differ in capacious size and neutral color.This handbag is perfect for daily trips to work, it fits easily into any casual look and blends with most everyday wardrobe.
  • The second on the list is a handbag at the exit, for evening meetings, ceremonial receptions, trips to the club or to a restaurant, this is where there is a place to wander fantasies. Small clutches, studded with rhinestones, sequins, patterns, made of expensive materials, and maybe even from collections of famous designers!
  • The third type assumes a summer version, light, of light natural materials, possibly made with weaving or using straw.
  • Well and further, a bag for travel, a backpack for campaigns, a purse for romantic walks, and also several options of days off which will approach each dress or footwear!

Of course, it is very difficult to cope with so many requests, given that the pricing policy in this area is quite high, how to stay fashionable, stylish, but at the same time, not to lose the last funds? Very simple, make an unusual bag with your own hands!

You can sew any bag

At first glance it may seem that it is unreal, and if you do something, then with such a product it would be a shame to appear on the street.All this is unjustified nonsense, if you strongly want, then you can do everything, without exception, of course, for especially refined and sophisticated options, you will have to be patient with patience, endurance and enthusiasm.

Make a handbag with your hands really!

Options for pretty bags for all occasions, you can list a great many, and each of them will be different with their own manufacturing techniques, as well as the necessary materials. If you decide to try to make a handbag yourself, then, first of all, it is important to choose a specific model, which will be embodied by your hands.

Of course, I would like to note that the original versions of the bags will still require you to have the basic skills of a seamstress, and if you have a very bad needlework, then it may be better not to do something like that.

To make the bag yourself, you need to prepare the necessary material, from which you will have it: from leather, fabric, and maybe from paper? Yes, yes, do not be surprised, paper handbags also have a right to exist, especially if such a model is made for little girls.

No worse than known brands.

The babies love to copy the mother, and if you make the real one for her, even a paper clutch, which she can decorate to her taste, you will definitely delight your child.In the vastness of the Internet, there are a lot of mater-classes, which in the smallest detail tell how, from two sheets of thick cardboard and PVA glue, make a little joy for your baby.

By the way, the same applies to handbags for adult ladies, countless forums, lessons and video reviews, which are happy to pass on to you your experience and knowledge in this matter. How to know, maybe it is here that you will meet new friends and like-minded people.

The simplest option that even a beginner can handle is a flat bag made of leather or thick fabric. Such an accessory has a rather modest set of parts: the back and front parts, which are sewn together, do not have to sew the bottom and side parts separately, which makes the work much easier.

Little masterpiece

In order for such a handbag to have a nice shape, you will have to cut out the two halves with small grooves along the lower edges, which, when collected, will give it shape. When the bag itself is ready, it remains to figure out how to make handles for the bag, because without them you will not go far.

Of course, it is not bad if you still have handbags from, for example, unnecessary handbags, especially if they are suitable in color.If there are no such options, then it is necessary to cut out, glue, and then still sew the strips of skin or tissue yourself, which, although not easy, but also very real.

Simple and beautiful!

The final stage of such a handbag is, of course, decor. The back part can remain ordinary, but the front one - the pride of any product, here you have to include all the imagination available. Someone likes to complement a handbag with lightning, buttons or unusual clasps, which perform two functions at once - a nice and fairly strict decor, and also act as a reliable lock.

Simple and interesting

For those to whom this option is simple, you will have to work hard: all kinds of embroideries, applications of leather or fabric, painting on the fabric - all this is realistic to do by oneself.

Any jewelry on the bag should be organic: if you are good friends with embroidery, then add an unusual ornament to your product, giving it a special charm. If you own a crochet technique, you can create an incredibly fashionable product, based on the famous designer Dolce & Gabbana.

In general, you can choose any creation of famous designers that you like, and try to repeat it,as it turns out, when there is an idea, its implementation becomes quite real! But what kind of ideas you will not meet: knitted bags, which are perfectly combined with warm sweaters and scarves, bags in the form of hearts, flowers and other figures that are easy enough to master by cutting out the necessary patterns.

Beautiful and stylish option

Cute bags from sweaters, laptop or tablet covers from old jeans, as well as original bags from the most ordinary stole or scarf, which are very convenient for carrying books. What is most interesting, such “bags” do not need to be cut and embroidered, you just have to master the technique of tying knots. So, you will go to the library, forget the bag and cope with an ordinary scarf!

As we always say, in any undertaking and creative business - the main desire and desire to create. There is nothing impossible, and even if it did not work out the first time, you can always try the second or the third and, as a result, create your own unique handbag. Such creative hand-made-handbags always amaze others, and some completely enthrall! Surprise yourself and your friends, good luck!

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