How to make a woman silent?

Anastasia Pavlova
Anastasia Pavlova
January 30, 2013
How to make a woman silent?

No one will argue that men and women are very different and it is sometimes difficult for them to understand each other. Sometimes a woman wants her man to be talkative, and a man sometimes thinks about how to make a woman be silent. But this does not mean that in this case family relations cannot remain harmonious. But what about a man, if his beloved does not understand that sometimes you need to be silent, how to explain to her?

What not to do

If a scandal has turned out and a woman shouts, then of course there is a desire to shout in response, but such methods will not lead to the end of the quarrel. But they will only inflame them with even greater force. It is also not worth trying, by showing your authority in the family, to silence your spouse. A boss may shout at his subordinate, but husband and wife are a completely different couple!

Unexpected move

If you see that the dispute smoothly spills over into scandal, and you are known in the family as an impenetrable man, firmly on his own, then you have the opportunity to surprise your wife and you can quickly resolve this situation - agree with your wife.After all, if your character does not differ appeasability, then for the wife it will be very unexpected. From surprise, she can abruptly subside and rejoice.

How else to silence a woman

  • You can try to change the topic of conversation, if you need a woman to allow you to speak out. Choosing the topic in which she does not understand, you will have more advantages in the conversation.
  • Amazing and pleasant deeds will also leave you the right to speak. For example, an unexpected bouquet of flowers from the wall or another romantic act. Sometimes a woman needs elementary attention, then there will be no shouts.
  • A kiss is also a good way to take a break from hard talk - surprise her and kiss during an argument.

In the end, you need to learn and listen to women. After all, sometimes shouts arise only from the fact that a woman wants to be listened to carefully and with interest. If there is no good communication and mutual understanding in the family, the scandal will be a constant companion of your relationship. Why is a woman silent and does not speak about her needs? Maybe because he knows that he will not be heard if he says it in a normal tone? It is easier in this case to shout and throw out your offense, because to keep everything in yourself is too hard.

Making a woman silent is not always easy, but possible.It is only necessary to touch on her best feelings and gently soothe.

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