How to make a watermelon manicure

You will need
  • -Base for nails
  • -File
  • -Green varnish
  • -Bright pink or red lacquer
  • -Black varnish
  • -Dark green lacquer
  • White lacquer
  • - A water-repellent liquid to cover the nail after the drawing
Using a nail file, align the shape of the nail into a semicircle. Apply a protective base and let your nail dry. Then, cover all the nails with a uniform layer of red lacquer and wait until the nails are completely dry.
Bright green lacquer draw a strip (clearly repeating the contour of the nail) in the upper part. The width of the strip depends on your personal preference.
Using a toothpick or thin brush with dark green lacquer, draw wavy stripes over the green layer.
Wait until the nails dry up. Fine brush with white lacquer draw a flat strip between the joints of red and green lacquers. Black lacquer paint points after the white line.
Thoroughly dry your nails. Cover them with a water-repellent liquid to make the pattern resistant.

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