How to make a screen calibration

On an empty spot on the desktop, right-click, select "Properties" to open the "Display Properties:" dialog box.
Click on the "Parameters" tab. In the display line must be indicated your video card. If this line contains “Standard Display”, most likely you do not have drivers installed and you need to download them on the manufacturer’s website or install from a disk, if one exists. Most often, ATI or NVIDIA drivers may be suitable. Only after installing the drivers you will be able to move on to the next item, because without them the monitor will not work correctly and the eyes will still get tired quickly.
In the open properties dialogscreenChange the resolution to about 1280 by 800 pixels. Click the "Apply" button. The entire image on the monitor goes out and quickly recovers with new parameters. Make sure you are comfortable looking at the monitor, and the letters do not blur in different parts.screen.
You will have 30 seconds to accept the changes in the dialog box that appears. If you didn’t see this dialog box, most likely the installed drivers are not working correctly or are not suitable for your video card. Try restarting your computer for the drivers to take effect. If it fails after that, it means that the drivers simply do not fit your hardware. It is important to find the driver created specifically for your video card.
If you do not have an LCD screen, it is important to increase the refresh rate of the monitor. For this after permissionscreenconfigured, in the properties dialog of the monitor, click the "Advanced" button. In the window that opens, go to the "Monitor" tab. In the line "Update frequencyscreen»Change the indicator to the maximum possible.

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