How to make a rug in the hallway of belts

You will need
  • - leather belts or from a substitute
  • - scissors for leather
  • - gypsy needle
  • - awl or perforator for skin
  • - strong twine or rope
We make all belts of the same length so that the carpet is even. The buckles are cut off.
Along the edges of each strap with the help of an awl or perforator for leather, it is necessary to make holes, departing from the edge of half a centimeter, and the distance between the holes should be about two centimeters.
All belts are sewn together with strong rope or rope with the help of a gypsy needle. Sewing, twine can be stretched crosswise, across or along the belt, as you like more. If metal brackets are used instead of twine, they are fastened with pliers.
From the belts you can create a rug that resembles parquet floors. To do this, take equal straps (so that the carpet is not wrinkled), a sketch is drawn on the thick fabric and the base is cut out.The belts prepared in advance are degreased from the inside and glue is applied on them. Belts tightly pressed to the base and glued.
Rugs of the small sizes can be made of multi-colored belts. Embossed pattern among ordinary belts will look very impressive.

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