How to make a raft of reeds

You will need
  • - five reed 90 cm long or the same rods of any thickness, peeled from the bark
  • - thick white threads
  • - 14x15 cm of white or brown paper tissue (from an old shirt)
  • - a glass of strong cold tea
  • - cardboard box
  • - potato
  • - brown oil paint
  • - plasticine
  • - ruler
  • - shoe knife
  • - scissors
  • - scotch tape
  • - thick needle
  • - paint brush
  • - polystyrene film
  • - lacquer
From the thin end of the reed cut two pieces of 15 cm each and set them aside. Cut another 20 pieces 15 cm each.
Cut the cover off the cardboard box. On the sides, mark and cut along the gap 8 mm wide, ending 25 mm from the bottom.
Put the reed in the slot. Fold a 1 m long thread. Wrap it twice around one end, as shown in the figure. Tighten the double knot. Repeat at the other end.
Insert the second reed. Tie it to the first double knots. In the same way, add the remaining 18. Remove from the slot.
On top of the thread, tape two transverse reeds 18 cm long with tape.Bind the ends with a "eight" thread, folded in half, as shown in the figure.
Remove the tape. Sew a cross-piece with threads stretched between two Kamishin. Tie a knot. Repeat on the other side.
Repeat step 6 between reeds 5 and 6, 15 and 16 on both sides of the raft. They are shown in red in the picture.
Cut reed 20 cm for mast. Sharpen its thin end. Insert tightly between the two medium reeds. Put upright.
Tie a string to one corner of the raft. Wind it around the mast 2 cm below the top. Tie a knot. Repeat for other angles. Glue on the picture.
Put the future sail in strong tea. When painted, dry. Cut out the stamp on half a potato. Dip it in the paint and stamp on the sail.
Wrap the ends of the sail around the two deferred Kamyshin. Fold in large stitches. Make a slot in the top of the mast.
Glue the sail with scotch along the reeds of the raft. Tie a string to one end of the yoke and pull it through the slot. Tie to the other end of the ray.
Remove the tape. Draw threads from the ends of the lower yoke to the rear corners of the raft. Color all the threads with cold tea.
Launch your raft.If it is sitting too deep, put a polystyrene film over it. The raft will hold it in place.

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