How to make a wolf out of paper?

Tatyana Gavrish
Tatyana Gavrish
January 23, 2013
How to make a wolf out of paper?

A lot can be done from paper: toys, decorations, household items, etc. The technique of origami is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. It is suitable for both adults and children. And today we will tell how to make a wolf out of paper.

Making a simple origami wolf

For work we need only 2 sheets of paper in the form of a square, one sheet should be slightly larger than the other. You can use gray paper for realism.

  • We take a smaller square and fold it diagonally. We have a triangle.
  • Then we take the left corner and wrap it in the right direction, so that the fold is not in the center of the triangle, but a little further. See how it should be. Happened? If yes, then turn the blank, this is the head of the future wolf figurine. Put it aside and take up the torso.
  • We take a large square and also fold it diagonally. It should be an isosceles triangle. Take any sharp corner and fold it to the top.
  • Now we have a little body and a wolf's head, it remains only to glue them together and draw a muzzle. So we met with this kind of needlework like origami. From paper, the wolf turned out to be fabulous and a bit like a cartoon character. A more complex version of the wolf figurines you will find.

Wolf mask

For different matinees and holidays, our children must be dressed up by someone. If suddenly your little son wanted to turn into a gray wolf, then do not worry, we know how to help you. The paper wolf mask is very simple!

  • For the basis of the mask, be sure to choose the paper more tightly, preferably, of course, so that it is cardboard.
  • Draw on paper the simplest silhouette of a wolf snout, it is. Following this link, you will find several more options for wolf masks. See that the workpiece fits the size of the child's face. Draw two circles on it instead of eyes. Cut out the silhouette and holes for the eyes.
  • Now paint the mask gray. On a separate sheet, draw the tongue, the jaw with the teeth, the inside of the ears and the eyebrow. Let your child help you and decorate additional details.
  • Now glue all the parts. This is the most exciting part of all the work! Do not forget about the gum, with the help of her mask will stay on his head. Finished? You see, this is not so hard to do!

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