How to make a modern wooden clock

Assembly of clocks

Before proceeding directly with the assembly of clocks, you must first prepare 18 small jumpers - connectors. Take a piece of plywood and using a hacksaw, we will add 18 jumper 0,7 x 4 cm. We have the base, we spread our squares almost in a chaotic order. It is necessary to arrange the squares so that the plywood jumpers are practically invisible. On the reverse side, respectively, we connect all the jumpers and nails.
How to make a modern wooden clock

Painting a clock

For painting I used an aerosol paint from a can. We hold the balloon at a distance of 20 cm and spray it on the clock, on the one hand. A little later, and the paint dries very quickly, turn the clock and spray the paint on the second side. Everything, the base is almost ready.
How to make a modern wooden clock

Draw numbers

I took a black permanent marker and just drew numbers.There is another option - print the numbers on the computer, cut and paste. So you can do that if you want.

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