How to make a helmet out of paper?

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How to make a helmet out of paper?

Origami translates from Japanese as "folded paper." This is an ancient decorative and applied art of creating figures and mock-ups from a sheet of paper. For a long time, it remained a privilege only of the upper classes and was inaccessible to the common people. But with the spread of paper, this art also began to gain popularity.

In the classic version, origami is created from a square sheet of paper. In order to simplify the assembly process, in the middle of the twentieth century, the Japanese master Akira Yosidzawa introduced a special set of conventional symbols. With it, you can easily draw and recreate even the most complex paper product.

There are many versions of origami origins, this art has developed in Japan, ancient China and even in Europe. Now you can easily learn to make any figures with their own hands. For example, make a paper weapon or original samurai helmet.

How to make a helmet out of paper with your own hands?

Creating an origami slam is a fairly simple process that even a child can handle.If you want to take your child into an interesting home-made product, then purchase a large sheet of paper (you can even use A2 format) to make a full-sized helmet that can be used as a props for various games.

Regardless of the size of the sheet, you will need to make an even square of it. For this:

  • Take a ruler and measure the length of the short side;
  • Using a ruler and a pencil, lay the distance you measure along the long sides of the sheet;
  • Now mark a straight line running parallel to the short side;
  • Use scissors to cut off an extra piece of paper.

Once you got a square sheet, you can begin to create a helmet.

The process of making origami samurai helmet

  1. Find a flat surface and put a square sheet of paper on it, turning it to one of the corners (if one of the sides of the sheet is colored, then turn it this side down).
  2. Now take the bottom corner and attach it to the top, thus bending the sheet in half (first fold the corners, and only then align the bend, so that the edges coincide as much as possible).helmet
  3. Now rotate a piece of paper so that the top corner is pointing in your direction.
  4. Take the right and left upper corners and attach them to the lower corner, creating a diamond. Smooth the sides of the folds.
  5. Now take the 2 corners bent earlier at the bottom and attach them to the upper corner of the diamond. Align the fold bands that formed in the middle of the diamond.
  6. Turn the upper corners of the rhombus (the ones you just wrapped) in opposite directions by 20-30 degrees so that they form small “wings”.
  7. Take the upper edge of the lower corner and bend it up 80 degrees, leaving a small part of the upper corner open.
  8. Now fold up the part of the sheet that remains from the lower corner bent in the previous step, forming a small “border” in the middle of the diamond.
  9. The remaining bottom corner must be turned up and back.
  10. Now you need to level the origami and click on its edges to open the helmet.

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