How to make a guest list

How to make a guest listProper guest list

Sometimes making a guest list is very simple, because it’s clear who to invite. Difficulties arise when someone needs to be invited, but someone does not. Try a “thematic approach,” for example, a reception for sales managers with spouses or friends, or for clients of a firm, or for their neighbors.


Some like to invite friends, knowing that they can not tolerate each other, just to see what happens. Do not invite people who do not get along with each other, if this can be avoided.


How to make an invitation



The organization of the reception begins with an invitation, it sets the tone for the whole event. Invitations for informal meetings can be original and unusual, but for official receptions they should be made in accordance with existing standards. If an event is dedicated to a topic, indicate it in the invitation.


The basic elements of the invitation are who, where, why, when and how.Who arranges the reception and who will be invited; where is the reception; for what reason it is held; when it starts and when it ends; and how to tell the owner whether you will come or not.


How to report your arrival, you determine. Standard wording R.S.V.P. indicates that the invitee must answer in any case, he will come or not. R.S.V.P. (from French repondez s’il vouplait), means "please reply." The phrase Answer only in case of refusal means that the guest answers only if he does not come.


If an informal meeting of colleagues is planned, you can confine yourself to an oral invitation in person or by phone, do not forget just to specify the date and time of the event. The invitation is made approximately in the following form: “We will be glad to see you at your home a small friendly party for colleagues is planned. We are waiting for you at our home next Sunday at 11 am There will be a light breakfast and cricket. ”


Such an invitation contains all the necessary information. It is clear how to dress and who is invited, what the food will be and when the reception will end.


If you are writing a letter of invitation, make sure that it contains all the necessary details.


When drafting written invitations, do not forget that guests should be treated with the use of the words mister, madam, doctor.


Inviting important people and guests with children, when composing invitations, always specify exactly who you are inviting. If spouses are invited, quote both names.


If you orally invite one adult, then this is the approximate wording: “Hi, Victor. This is Anna. Next Saturday I have a party at my country house from 5 pm until about midnight. If you want, you can bring your girlfriend or boyfriend. Please let me know before wednesday if you can come. Call me at work on the phone number XXX-XXXX or home phone UUU-UUUU. I hope you will come. ”


If the invitation is written, first call the guest and let him know that you want to invite him to the reception, and ask if he wants to take someone else with him. If so, ask who it is to send an invitation to this person in person.


If you send an invitation to a married couple, their names should be on the same line of the envelope. If people are not married, their names should be on different lines.


Some people take their children everywhere, and if the party is designed only for adults, you need to be polite. The only way to do this is to clearly indicate the invitees. On the envelope write Mrs. Alina Samoilova and Mr. Eduard Samoilova. If you want to invite children, please write on the envelope: Mrs. Alina Samoilova, Mr. Eduard Samoilova and Tanya Samoilova (or the Samoilov family).


In general, children are not invited to the official receptions, but this is not a mandatory rule. If you want the children to come too, then write in the invitation: we will be glad to see you with the children.


Council Romeo! In the world of business, if Juliet was not invited, it means that she was not invited! See you after reception.


Choosing a uniform



In a written invitation, it is usually indicated how to dress the guests. To do this, the invitation is given a separate line. If men are supposed to be in tuxedos, specify the formal suit or black tie in the invitation. Tie suits and cocktail dresses are designated by the term Evening dress (dress) or Informal suit. For a meeting after work, where everyone should be in suits, use the phrase Business suit.For sport trousers and skirts and sport jackets. Unofficial costume.


The term Informal costume can mean anything, except a business suit. You can specify exactly what guests should wear. For example, inviting guests, say so: "I am very glad that you will come. We will have a wonderful time, take a walk in the forest, so it’s best to put on a tank top and shorts and grab something warm in case of windy weather. ”


If you can not decide what to wear for an informal evening, it's best to call and ask. We can formulate the question like this: “Hello, Sergey. I can not wait for Saturday's picnic, but I can not decide what to wear. Would you answer?"


Exact directions on how to get there.



We can not allow guests to search for your home for a long time and wander around an unfamiliar part of the city or suburb. Attach to the invitation a separate leaflet with precise directions on how to get there; add a map and, if necessary, point and distance.


The owner is obliged to take care of parking. Warn your neighbors about the upcoming event, especially if the cars are parked on the street. If a large number of cars do not fit on your street or near the house, you will have to reduce the number of guests or hire a taxi for guests.


If you arrange an informal reception, the guests respond to the invitation by phone or by e-mail. To do this, enter your phone number and email address in the invitation.


If the written invitation states R.S.V.P. (“Please reply”), then a special R.S.V.P. card may be attached to the invitation. the size of a postcard so that guests can immediately respond to the invitation. Mark R.S.V.P. usually put on invitations to official events.


Invitations to official receptions require a written response while maintaining the standard and style of the invitation.


If you have not received a R.S. V.P. within three days, it is appropriate to call and ask if the guest will come to the reception or not. In general, you should respond to the invitation as quickly as possible, maximum within a week of receipt.

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